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    Does any portion of the following post ring true or false for anyone here? Please feel free to explain your position regarding the information set forth hereinbelow.

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    In the Name of Allah (God), Who Appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, and His Holy Apostle and Last Messenger, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad

    As-Salaam Alaikum:

    The members of the Order of Shabazz (the Order) are an online tribal community of divinely inspired Brothers and Sisters devoted to the study and practicle implimentation of the contemporay Islamic teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


    This forum serves to facilitate the means via which that remnant of the Tribe of Shabazz subjected to the Ya'qubian Displacement of 1555 may communicate on topics of mutual interest, such as the nature, origin, and evolution of the Divine Teachings to which We adhere, and the practical application thereof to the political, social, and economic ills adversely affecting the general upliftment and empowerment of Black people in America, in general, the members of the Tribe, in particular.

    We seek to communicate to Our people in the United States and abroad, the life-changing power of the Supreme Wisdom of Allah (God) as revealed to and through Messenger Elijah Muhammad for Our development into responsible, productive, successful Muslims. This We do to magnify Christ, the prophesied Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad. In anticipation of the Return of and to prepare the ever faithful adherent for service in the Ministry of the Holy Apostle.

    The question has been posed whether We are equal, in the eyes of Master Fard Muhammad, with Our Brothers who escaped the Ya'qubian drag net? This question appears to stem from certain brothers' understanding of what the Messenger taught his students regarding Master Fard Muhammad's mental/spiritual resurrection of Our people here in the Wilderness of North America. Thus, it has been stated that the Last and Greatest Messenger of Allah (God) observed that "Allah would teach us who were true followers a greater wisdom that would place us on top."

    Prior to the Ya'qubian Conception of Mankind (that is, the making or grafting of the white race), Our people had constructed a civilization or kingdom far more advanced than any of the nations comprising the present world of man. So advanced and/or SUPERIOR were We then as to make the present world construct seem like the handiwork of children at play. When mathematics were games played on a regular basis, and a diamond was as a toy to Our children, We lived in peace along the Nile, in the region presently known as Nubia/Kemet. We were not a religious people, but spiritual beyond mere belief.

    Many of Our Brothers and Sisters appear to acknowledge the death of the Messenger. But what of the death of the Messengers mission? Just think for a moment. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad made the following observation concerning his mission: "I am the first man since the death of Yakub commissioned by God directly." [Message to the Blackman in America, 76]. What about Moses, then? According to Exodus 33:11, Allah (God) "spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend." However, in every instance where Moses communicates with God in the Bible, no where do We find that he actually spoke face to face with the Lord. This passage, then, refers not to the Moses that is credited with writing the first five books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)of the Old Testament, but of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger like unto Moses.


    "The Orthodox Muslims think this refers to Arabia and that Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) of nearly 1,400 years ago was the one fulfilling the answer to Abraham's prayers. But if they look at it again and ponder over it, it is like their belief in thinking that Muhammad of nearly 1,400 years ago was a prophet like Moses, that Moses prophesied in Deut. 18:18. But they forget that Moses was a man who was raised in the house of bondage under a king who held him and his people in bondage to him and to his false worship of God and religion.

    "And he desired no one to interfere with his teachings, given to his slaves. His fear, according to the Holy Qur’an, was that Moses would change the religion. The Orthodox Muslims think this was fulfilled in the Meccans' opposition to Muhammad. Not so! He does not compare with the prophecy of a man like Moses, for there was no king singled out who opposed Muhammad in Mecca. There was no separation of the Arabs from any slave-masters and a destruction of the slave-masters. It was a certain class of people of science. The Meccans were not enslaved to any physical king and people -- only to false belief. But remember that prophecy: "Like unto me." "The man had to be one who received a revelation or guidance from Allah to physically liberate a people from the physical holding of a superior force or ruler. He must fight with this particular ruling class to release his people -- like Moses. Then, he must give them their own religion, teach them the knowledge of the true God (Allah) and His true religion, Islam. And set up a completely new religious service, never known to his people before. He must overcome them with nothing but the Truth and the power and guidance of Allah as Moses did with Pharaoh and his well-armed army, because he is not in a position to arm himself and his followers with carnal weapons. The enemy controls the manufacture of arms. He must be one like Moses, dependent upon Allah for the victory over his enemy.

    "Here he shows forth, in a land where Allah has not been worshiped and where Islam has not been accepted as the true religion; the power of Allah is shown by letting Allah fight his and his peoples battle against their wicked oppressors. This is the true type of a man like Moses. If you study the prophecy concerning the last Messenger of God, according to the description given to the man by the Bible's prophecy in the Torah and Gospel, you will find that he is a man, according to Psalms, with the name of "Muhammad" and also you will find him in the Revelations under the symbolical name, "Lamb." He gets the name (Praised) from the honor of the "twenty-four elders" or Islamic Scientists. The position that he is shown under, the symbolical "Lamb" in Revelations, is like the Holy Qur’ans teaching one who is illiterate and whom the people will find written down in the Torah and the Gospel. (The book of Isaiah; the parables of Jesus.) This is the man the above prayer is made for because he, as one of the Islamic writers says, will be born among the infidels. The revelations of the Bible symbolically place him in the midst of "four beasts." Therefore, prayer must be made for his protection among a people without the teachings of Islam -- not a country where never had any former prophets of Allah risen and set up signs of the future greatness of Islam, as had Arabia in the time of Muhammad. The signs of the future of Islam and its last Messenger, Abraham, had already been set up in the Holy City Mecca. Muhammad did not destroy these signs, but rather he repaired the sign to live until it had served its purpose." [Id., Supra, 72]. (emphasis added)

    The Messenger of Allah (God) was raised in Our midst to give life to his otherwise mentally/spiritually dead people. But for what purpose? With regards to Our accepting Our own, on June 18, 1972, in his Theology of Time lecture series, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad observed that accepting Our own includes Our acceptance of the rule or government. "That’s what you are-the ruler!" Thus We read, "Allah (God) has decided to place us on the top with a thorough knowledge of self and his guidance." [Id., Supra, 18]. How? First, a "class of rulers" had to be "prepared" to rule. "We are the ones!" Read the aforesaid lecture of June 18, 1972, in the Theology of Time. Therein the Messenger makes it perfectly clear:

    1) "A class of rulers must be prepared to rule that people. We are the ones!"

    2) "When I’m through with you, you can rule with what I teach you and get respect and honor throughout the world of man." (Emphasis added)

    3) "The times that you hear us say, "Accept your own," it includes that you accept the rule. That’s what you are-the ruler!" (Emphasis added)

    4) "You ruled once upon a time, before the making of the white man, the devil of the earth."

    Additionally, in Message to the Blackman in America the Messenger states:

    5) "Islam will put the black man of America on top of the civilization." [Message, 46:9].

    6) "Allah (God) has decided to place us on the top with a thorough knowledge of self and his guidance." [Message, 18].

    7) "Nothing but Islam will make you a respectable people. We Muslims are your example, living here in your midst. There is no delinquency in Islam. Are you with us to put our people on top of the world?" [Message, 33].

    8) "I am with you to go on top. We cannot go on top with weight that is hanging on us. We cannot charge the white man with our faults. We are supposed to be, according to his own teachings, free. We are supposed to have been freed from him approximately 100 hundred years ago. Have we exercised that freedom? We must answer that we have not availed ourselves of that freedom." [Message, 34]. (emphasis added)

    Our failure to "act" upon these Teachings cannot be redirected or laid at the feet of mankind; for, the duty now belongs to Us to execute the Muslim program. Islam is not a system of belief, but an action. Islam is entire submission to the Will of Allah (God). One may believe a falsehood until truth is made known, and we've been given everything needed to accomplish this objective. But the faithful isn't as Faithful as they openly claim.

    Many of the brothers and sisters who claim to believe in what the Messenger has taught, are not as versed in them as they appear. For true belief isn't merely believing, but it is a knowing manifested through action. Are you Faithful? If you say you are one of the Faithful, then, can you show it. This is a rhetorical question and requires no answer. By its very nature, Faith (action motivated by divine knowledge) without works accomplishes nothing. And when the Messenger died, departed, or just simply left, We were a work in progress. Master Fard Muhammad came to place Us on the top, His primary regard being to the mental/spiritual resurrection of the Tribe of Shabazz. Such a lowly state have We fallen. To do this He gave Us Islam as a way of life (action), not as a system of religious belief. If We'd accept Islam as a way of life, He knew it would make Us respectful of others as well as of Ourselves. Remember: Nothing but Islam will make Us a respectable people, [Message 33]; yes, Islam will put the black man of America on top of civilization. [Id. at 46]. Our rule begins when We make a conscious decision to assert the authority given to Us by Almighty God, Allah.

    Can We not rule with what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has already taught us? Who shall construct Our governmental system for Us? Will the Teachings of Our Messenger function as a legal code, or will such code (its laws, statutes, and other such ordinances) be founded upon principles found within the Messengers Teachings? To whom does the responsibility belong?

    For the record, the entity known as the Order of Shabazz is a spiritual theocracy or system of government founded upon principles derivative of the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    We identify Ourselves as Muslims, but not as a result of Our being converted to the "religion" of Islam. It is a fact well established by over four hundred and fifty years of European and Arabian history, that "religion" is a man-made institution or instrument that has been used to subjugate Our people to foreign rule. We do not wish to be assimilated into Arabian social and/or religious culture as We were forcibly assimilated into European society during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. No, that would be counter-productive. Instead, We declare Ourselves to be Muslims "by nature." [Message 37]. This means We were born in accordance with the laws of Allah (God). As such, We consider Ourselves as Muslims of natural birth, born in total submission to the Will of the God that created us.

    The religion of Islam, its system of beliefs (tenets and principles), are not of Arabian origin. Long before Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (PBUH) received his first revelations of the Glorious Qur'an, Our Ancestors had constructed a civilization founded upon the same five principles forming the Articles of Faith in Islam, the religion. Islam is the way in which Our Ancestors lived Their lives. We are, therefore, accepting Our own heritage when We declare Ourselves Muslims. This Islam We profess didn't come from or through Muhammad ibn Abdullah (PBUH). We got it directly from the mouth of Allah (God).

    Basic to this "new" form of Islam is the belief that Almighty God manifested Himself in the flesh and bone body of Our Lord and Master, Fard Muhammad (hereinafter referred to as Master Fard Muhammad). This is the main point of contention among supposed orthodox Muslims (i. e., the Sunni and Shi'a) in America. It is argued that Allah (God) has never manifested Himself in the flesh and bone body of a man, but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad offered credible evidence to the contrary. And We "don't care to get involved in a lot of orthodox Moslem rules, regulations and laws of Islam. We are bringing you a new Islam!." [Hon. Elijah Muhammad. Theology of Time, 218]. Having said this, you are respectfully invited to join unto your own.


    Abdul Muhammad,
    Interim Prime Minister of the Order of Shabazz

    Cc: one9_Arch (PFile)