Black Events : Organization is Key! Self Determination is the Solution!

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    2007 Convention of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement
    September 29-30th - Huntsville, Alabama

    Organization is Key! Self Determination is the Solution!​

    Since 1991, InPDUM has led the African community around virtually every democratic question confronting our liberation movement. We have confronted the state on the front lines at the police stations, at the schools, public housing and the prisons.


    Now, we are holding the 2007 Convention in Huntsville, AL to bring the organization to the people! This year’s InPDUM Convention will feature a keynote presentation by Omali Ye****ela, founder of Uhuru Movement and Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party. It will be held at the New School of Business (Multi-purpose Room) on the campus of Alabama A&M University.

    Register for the convention! Download the registration form:
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    Email completed registration forms to [email protected] or mail to P.O. Box 12841, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733. Registration is $50 per person and should be mailed in advance of your electronic registration. Send to the same mailing address: P.O. Box 12841, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733 (Money orders are the preferred form of payment, address to “InPDUM”).

    Find out more: -or-

    Contact us:
    [email protected]
    256-348-6478 or 727-458-0347


    Message from InPDUM President Chimurenga Waller:

    This is an open invitation for African people to attend the September 29th and 30th convention of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. InPDUM is a mass organization of the African People’s Socialist Party created in 1991. We have engaged the oppressor in struggles against police brutality in Philadelphia, fought for economic development in the aftermath of the police murder of 18 year old African Tyron Lewis in 1996. We have been involved in the fight for a decent education for African students in St.Petersburg, Florida where one of our members was the primary plaintiff in a class action lawsuit declaring that African children are not being educated in the school system. We also expanded the organization to London, England in the year 2000 where we have been engaged in a number of struggles for the democratic rights of the African community.

    This convention will have a different character, than any convention up to this point. Our focus will not be issue based campaign building as such. This will be the convention where we train our forces to go out and build our organization. The campaign will be to build the organization and give our forces the tools to do it. There are three main obstacles that we face. First, we absolutely must get more members if we are to build an effective political machine. The more people we have the more capable we are of raising resources, building international campaigns, and consolidating our influence. There should not be a place on earth where we are not known. Secondly, we have to build committees that can help us function as an international organization, such as a fundraising committee and a committee to deal with education and the question of more than a million Africans being locked up in prisons in the U.S. The third obstacle is we are not located in enough areas. We need to build from coast to cost in the U.S. and penetrate into the continent of Africa, Europe, and South America. As you have probably figured out by now recruitment is the key to opening all these doors for us and transforming us into a real international force.

    The convention will be giving our forces “basic political training.” Training on going door to door. Training on mass distribution of our information. And most importantly how to recruit. Even if you are not a member or supporter of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, if you don’t belong to an organization at all, we encourage every African person to come to this convention. Get the training, and use this opportunity to come into political life. See if InPDUM is the organization for you. We believe we are.

    There are ongoing attacks against African people in the U.S. and around the world. Attacks such as the frame up of the “Liberty City 7,” seven African men currently locked up on terror charges should be enough to inspire all of us to resist the attacks on the national democratic rights of the African community.

    If you are interested in coming to the convention contact the International Membership Coordinator, Kobina Bantushango at (256)348-6478 or e-mail him at [email protected].

    This is a call to all Africans interested in fighting for the rights of the African community. Don’t let this excellent opportunity pass you by. We look forward to seeing you in Huntsville, Alabama on September 29th and 30th.

    Chimurenga Waller, President
    International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement