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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I remember seeing some film clips of Oprah from the early days of her career, when she was rock'n a 'fro !!!! :D

But i have searched and searched on the net for one of those images ... and can't find one!

So i'm asking you all Family ... if you happen upon one ... please share it in this thread!

Thanks a Bunch!



normally I have a knack for finding things online rather quickly.. but I gave this a look for the last 20 minutes and only came up with this site - which ironically shows a clip of Oprah in her afro during a show in 1976 - but the Oprah clip I found is about how perming hair is a horrific experience.. hehehe

I think you need to go through an ad or two.. but you'll see the afro period she is talking about is 1976 - which should narrow down the search. most powerful woman on earth - missing her afro pics cant be coincidence! .. or CAN it?


here's the link

eta: my sentence structure needed some serious clarification..

eta again: I'm getting like oldsoul.. questioning everything.. grrrr.. life used to be so smooth.. but I just gotta ask - where are the pics of Oprahs afro?
Yes Yes Yes Sister Zulile ... Thank You !!! :bowdown: :bowdown:

I thought the same as you Sister! As i began my search for our Beloved Oprah's Afro picture, i just knew it would take me a few seconds, and i'd easily find it! I was shocked after spending, i don't even know how long, looking for this image and not even seeing a glimpse of it! I'm thinking ... hold up ... wait a minute ... how can this picture not be anywhere on the Internet, when there are a gazillion straight haired pictures ??!! ... one of those things that made me go ... hmmmmmm too.

Well ... oh gosh ... i visited the link you gave me, watched the commercials and everything, and captured the image.

Now ... considering it's not anywhere else on the net ... we may be getting a phone call from Oprah telling us to remove her image. I guess any kinda phone call from Oprah, would be good, huh?

But if Oprah and her people see this image / thread, i just want yall to know that we love Oprah, and we think she's beautiful with her afro! And we wanna show her off to the whole wide world ... encouraging the many little Black Girls that have hair just like hers is, in this image ... but if'n yall tell us to remove it ... we surely will.

Well ... here goes Family ... :eeek:

Our Beautiful Beloved Oprah and Her Afro !!!


Again ... Thanks Sister Zulile ... :grouphug:



ps ... if i hafta go to prison for this Sister Zulile ... i expect you to write to me daily! :love:
Zulile said:
whaaaa? write to you? Sister, I expect half the proceeds from your future book - "Jailed by oprah" :D :D


:lol: ... hahahaha @ jailed by Oprah ... ohhhhh Sister ... our Oprah would not do anything like that! ... :grouphug:

Stop it !!! :lol:

That's tooooo funneee ... but if she asks me to come on her show ... i will surely mention you !!! :wink:

:lol: ... tooooo funneeeee ... :)




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