Omowale Jabali : Oprah, Obama and the Occult?

Yes he was put in place by the Ancestors for the good of Black people. When I say "good," I'm not speaking on a political level, I'm talking about on a spiritual level.

For the "conscious" people, he represents the spiritual rising for Black people. For "unconscious" people, he represents a (political) greatness that can't be overlooked or challenged for that matter.

You may or may not have noticed that I do not discuss Obama on a political level. Not on this forum anyway. So we are both speaking on a spiritual level. Cheers for clarifying either way.

According to Bro. Blackbird, Barack's granny was taken out by the Ghede. He also said that "the Ghede will not dig Barack's grave just yet."

This takes me back to when Bobby Hemmitt said(paraphrasing) "We are in control. We just don't realize it. Our Ancestors are orchestrating everything that we see"
This is an idea I tried to convey to "conscious" Black people, who espouse conspiracy theories. Who do they think the so-called illuminati their spiritual knowledge and power from? Our Ancestors!

Its like Blackbird told me last night "We ain't waiting on our Ancestors, our Ancestors are waiting on us."



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