Omowale Jabali : Oprah, Obama and the Occult?

You're not serious????

Okay Christians or "anyone with a bible background" as the speaker says will see Oprah as a representative of the anti-christ, just because she doesn't believe that Jesus was the only son of God. However, if you read some of the threads on Destee including the most recent ones on the Freemason lodge, it would seem that the devil and God or (Jesus)/Osirus may be flip sides of the same coin. So being an anti-christ doesn't make one necessarily evil.

I think she has a tendency to support some New Age B.S, and it would be nice if she used her influence in a more Afrocentric way rather than giving credit to the white spiritual leaders.

Linking a powerful Black woman with the anti-christ is just a little too racist, a little too anti-matriarch. Is there any reason that a Black woman shouldn't hold that kind of power and influence, afterall we are the mothers of mankind eh?

Sound like this white female speaker has some jealousy issues.

I don't know about her making a deal with "beings" and giving up her right to reproduce, but with her schedule and her ambition she most likely had to make a choice during her child bearing years between her career and having children with Stedmen. There really are quite enough babies in the world, we aren't short of population, and like she said she found her daughters, her kids in South Africa. There are many ways to be a matriarch.

Much love


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