Black Entertainment : oprah lost a baby at 14

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    Oprah Lost A Baby At 14…. Oprah Winfrey has stunned fans by revealing she lost a child when she was a young teenager.

    The media mogul and talk show host tells all in the new issue of her namesake magazine, Oprah, admitting she was almost a mum at 14, after years of sexual abuse and “resulting promiscuity.”

    Best pal and Oprah editor Gayle King says, “She didn’t really know who the father was of this child… and hid the pregnancy for a very long time.”

    Oprah reveals the baby, which was born prematurely, died shortly after birth.

    King adds, “It was a secret that she carried for many years because she was very ashamed.”

    The media mogul felt she had to reveal all about her secret when an unnamed family member sold the story of Oprah’s lost child to US tabloid the National Enquirer.

    King reveals her friend was so upset about the family betrayal, she spent a weekend sobbing in bed..She recalls, “It was a weekend where she just really had a breakdown.”

    But, in the article in the new Oprah, Winfrey insists the betrayal was a blessing in disguise.

    She writes, “Having the secret out was liberating. Not until then could I begin the repair work on my spirit for the sexual abuse and damage done to me as a young girl.”

    It has been revealed .
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    That is true but her shocking story has leaked sometime back
    once she moved up to Tennessee to live with her father oprah was wild
    beyond her father's rules but later came to fold and got herself a degree
    in college , she never revealed this die to her father's strick rules .