Black Spirituality Religion : Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ceremony in Kamit

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    Function of the Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ceremony in Kamit

    Mikyia mo (Greetings),

    Tut Ankh Amen preparing to conduct the Wp Ro, Opening of the Mouth

    Below is a repost of information we shared with regard to the function of the 'Opening of the Mouth and Eyes' ceremony conducted in ancient Kamit:

    ...A portion of the text reads:

    "Heru has opened the mouth of N, Heru has opened the mouth of N with that with which he opened the mouth of his father, with which he opened the mouth of Ausar, with the iron that came from Set, the meskhetyu-blade of ironwith which the mouths of the Abosom (Akan for Deities) are opened - may you open the mouth of N with it so that he may walk and speak with his body before the great Nine Abosom in the great mansion of the official that is in Iunu..."

    This ritual practice is performed in various ways across Afuraka/Afuraitkait (Africa). Throughout the text, the deceased seeks protection of the Abosom (Deities including Tehuti). In order to make a smooth transition from this world to the Ancestral Realm without becoming trapped as an earthbound, wandering, discarnate spirit, one must protect him/herself from existing discarnate, wayward, earthbound spirits and other spirits of disorder. The 'opening of the mouth and eyes' are insurance against them.

    In order for us to invoke the Abosom (Deities), we must be able to see and speak (ritual prayer). Disordered spirits attempt to stop us from doing so. Many have had this experience during the periodic excursions we make into the spirit-realm during the sleep state.

    Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) worldwide recognize that the occurrence of what is commonly called 'sleep paralysis' is often the interference of an unresolved ancestral spirit or unrelated disordered spirit. In Hoodoo (see our article: Akan Origin of the term Hoodoo) for example it is called a 'witch riding' you. You are paralyzed. You cannot open your eyes or your mouth. Sometimes it feels as though a spirit is sitting upon your chest. You're fighting, struggling. Invoking the Abosom (Deities) or evoking the Nsamanfo (Akan for Ancestral Spirits) is often the quickest way to repel such a spirit-entity. This is why they seek to keep your eyes closed, your mouth shut and your body paralyzed. The same is true in the after-death state. The 'opening of the mouth and eyes' is designed to afford the deceased with the protection (insurance) necessary to allow them to speak to (invoke) and see the Abosom and move freely (transition smoothly) to the Ancestral realm.. Hence, the part of the prayer cited above.

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