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    To: Minister Louis Farrakhan

    From: Andre Austin

    Date: May 18, 2016

    Subject: Alleged FBI informant Maulana Karenga, 1995 MMM and his 1996 Dissertation on MAAT

    Dear Min Farrakhan:

    It has come to my attention from the Honorable Judge Joe Brown on an interview broadcasted on Youtube that Maulana Karenga is an alleged FBI informant indirectly causing the murder of one of Brown’s personal friends. From the Norton Anthology of Lit of African-Americans I discovered Karenga served on the executive committee of the MMM and author of its mission statement in 1995. One year later Karenga writes his dissertation on Maat (Justice).

    We all know that the CIA/FBI were involved in the killing of JFK and MLK. The principles of Maat (justice) is diametrically opposed to the injustice the CIA/FBI presses upon individuals and sovereign Nations on behalf of International Bankers and Un-American Corporations; while ignoring social benefits for the masses of the poor.

    As you know I’m working on an ongoing hypothesis that the Egyptian Maat was symbolic of the Tree of life/Knowledge of good/evil and “Lukewarm”. When the Roman orator Cicero talked about the Stoics he also brought up the subject of not living in excess of heat, cold. Cicero stated:

    You Stoics then say that fire is the universal principle of all things; that all living bodies cease to live on the extinction of that heat, and that throughout all nature whatever is sensible of that heat lives and flourishes. Now I can’t conceive that bodies should perish for want of heat, rather than for want (lack) of moisture or air, especially as they even die through excess of heatNature of the Gods XIV. Tefnut , the female counterpart of Shu, was moisture and damp generative heat of heaven” From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt By E.A. Wallis Budge p. 149 This is where we get the terms “Lukewarm” and “water of life” in the book of Revelations. Our law enforcement today is nickname “The Heat” which original came from Tefnut/maat symbolizing law and order.

    Plutarch agrees with Zeno in not letting Anger come about due to pain, pleasure or arrogance. Plutarch thinks like Zeno that the soul must “rid himself of the excessive, unmitigated part of this anger” (On the avoidance of anger 463A & B). “Stoics taught that life should be lived to fit the rational order they discerned running through the universe” (History of the World by J.M. Roberts p.214). Tefnut (lukewarm) was this order.

    Stoics taught that life should be lived to fit the rational order they discerned running through the universe” (History of the World by J.M. Roberts p.214). Tefnut (lukewarm) was this order.

    Justice by reason of its equality (Balance/Equilibrium) intervenes between the two: Deficiency and Excess" (Isis & Osiris by Plutarch 75.381-382) Just like Lukewarm intervenes between hot and cold Rev 3:16. Jesus is this Truth (Maat/Tefnut) The way, the truth, the life that you must eat of his body also called moral order.

    Maulana Karenga avoids all of this in his original 803 page Dissertation on Maat. However, mine is new and original in thought. I hope people do not try to use Karenga to offset what I’m trying to expose.

    I face stiff opposition to all of my writings. For example I was reprimanded for writing Pimps no More, a fictional short story that’s against pimps using females in their stables and chicken coops. I originally wrote it in 2002. When I sent it to Bill Maher, at that time, the FBI was interested in inspecting it from him. Its tough being poor and avoiding snakes and conspiracies of Stan’s disciples. They spend their time night and day plotting to sabotage every good deed in its seeded form.

    I’m very concerned about the forces of evil weaponization of culture of music and Hollywood to desensitize us towards life. They promote the survival of the fittest to the extreme. To make the hardships and horror of mass slavery operative and effective sex, psychedelic drugs, freak clothes, debased music/movies are necessary to reduce the tensions. All of these elements mixed together produces psychosis and suggestibility for groups to be herded into a post-technological state. Plus Christianity is fiddling mind-control by its homosexual founders.

    I take great pleasure in using my writing skills to motivate the youth in expanding their reading skills. Writing reaches its peek when you can tell a story in an interesting way by mixing it up with entertainment and educational means. People love a lecture when they can go back and forth between laughing and spiritual enlightenment in the literary world. This is what I do. I just don’t write poetry to a girl about taking her to the moon I listen to lectures on calculus to see how it was done. But the media wants us to the embrace the past of nomads and surviving in the woods naked. All of this sterilizes and stymies our population to the back door of non-production.

    I’m the Literary executor facing censorship through an index of forbidden and banned writers breaking through the web of the internet. We also must use our vision to see the benefits and liabilities between collaborators with the enemies of Maat (Justice) from those who truly seek it. So as these reptiles try to set me up and make things appear to be what it’s not I’m in hot pursuit of Maat by any means necessary. I gave up on those who refuse in advance to budge towards the truth and I just keep on moving.

    I end

    Truly yours,

    Andre Austin