Black People : OPEC AND CRUDE OIL - The Seven Sisters

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    Read this article.

    OPEC Today.

    " OPEC was founded in 1960, and began to press for further increases in oil revenue. Soon the companies began another scheme to accomplish this without loss to themselves, based on the foreign tax deduction: they began to base their calculations for taxes and royalties, not on the actual sales price of crude oil, but on a mythical "posted price" that was simply a number written on a piece of paper. This procedure increased the revenue to the OPEC countries, and the loss to the US tax payer. "

    There are 13 important members of OPEC. The five largest producers and exporters in the group are in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, and the other members are Libya, Venezuela, Algeria, Nigeria, Gabon, Indonesia, Ecuador, and Qatar. The major oil producing nations outside OPEC are the US, Russia, Britain, and Norway, but the US is a net importer, and the others do not contribute much to the open world market.

    The US National Security Council was involved with the US Treasury in promoting this scheme, even though it meant a major shortfall in the US government's tax revenue. The Oil companies make maximum profits, write off the cost of doing business, and pass the cost back to the average tax payer. Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Iran and Others including nations of the UN have been playing us in war games for oil control. For over 100 years.

    The Seven Sisters for the companies involved: the four Aramco members, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, and Texaco; the Kuwaiti partners Gulf and BP (British Petroleum); and Shell, which had a share in the Iraq Petroleum Company, and had enormous marketing capacity. Although they had a stranglehold on Middle East oil as early as the 1930s, the Seven Sisters were still in control as late as 1972, when they produced 91% of the Middle East's oil and 77% of world supply outside the US and the communist countries.

    When the United States say they are negotiating with the Saudi Government for better oil prices they are lying. They are negotiating amongst themselves.

    " In 1904 an Armenian businessman, Calouste Gulbenkian, reported to the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid on the oil potential of the then Turkish provinces in Iraq: the Sultan promptly transferred large areas into his own personal possession. The Iraq Petroleum Company was formed in 1914, with capital coming from a consortium of British and Dutch companies. "

    " In 1928 the six-year negotiations over Iraq were completed, and the Iraq Petroleum Company was re-divided. 5% went to the formidable Mr. Gulbenkian, and the other 95% was shared equally between the British (BP), the Dutch (Shell), the French (CFP, the Compagnie Française Pétrole), and a Rockefeller-controlled American group (Exxon + Mobil). The Iraq company was essentially set up as an accounting company, to share the production costs and the crude oil between the partners. "

    " Meanwhile gasoline was selling in the United States for a cost that in real money was as low as it had been in decades. No-one in the Middle East wanted to say so aloud, but their worst-case scenario in the 1990s was the day that a cash-hungry Iraq released from UN sanctions would once more allowed to export as much crude oil as it wanted to! "

    Now I see why Saudi Arabia is quiet on the fact Iraq was attacked. The gulf war was because Iraq was accused of slant drilling into Kuwait. But if you read this article Iraq owned part of the oil reserves of Kuwait.

    " By the midyear meeting in July 1990, tempers were running high, and President Saddam Hussein of Iraq massed 30,000 troops on the borders of Kuwait, allegedly one of the OPEC members cheating most on its quota. Saddam Hussein claimed that the loss in revenue to Iraq alone had been $14 billion in 1989. "

    Chevron is in Saudi Arabia. " On June 1, 1932, Socal (now Chevron) struck oil in Bahrain, the first strike in the Arabian peninsula. Chevron struck oil in Saudi Arabia in 1938.

    Aramco, the Arabian American Oil Company. Aramco (Chevron + Texaco)

    Gulf, and BP is in Kuwait. " Gulf joined with BP to explore a Kuwaiti concession in 1934. "

    To better understand the dealings of the United States and it's allies. You need to understand that we only go to war, for oil. Every war, has been for the same reason and it has been for the " national security interest " of oil profits.

    I don't discourage, nor do I look down on anyone that feels compelled to fight for what they believe. Every one has the right and freedom to fight for and protect american interest and security. Nor would I encourage any man or woman to support, join or go war. I have never believed in it, and now I know the truth. It has been false dealings from day one. It has always been for someone elses wealth, interest and concerns.

    Have you heard of the house of Saud? King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia

    Bush is tight with this family. The terriorist of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. Bottom line here. Is we have been manipulated from day one. As early as we can trace our freedom from the civil war, the United States stumbled on these rich oil reserves and since then have sent young men into war to protect the interest of this seven headed beast. There is a passage in Revelations, that speak of this beast, and the destruction it brings?

    We owe, pay back to more than the United States that held us in boundage. We owe the British Government a few blows of justice. I think it can stat by not patronizing BP ( British Petroleum ) and going after them for reparations as well.

    France decided not to join in this lastest poker game, of taking the oil from Iraq, and has been accused by the United States of making deals under the table to purchase oil from Iraq ( while the sanctions existed ) and has been punished by the dealers.
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    Truth is like cream, it always rises to the surface. Let the truth be known and spread it far and wide. Now that the facade is cracking and the tower is crumbling, what will the liars and thieves do to protect their interests? The 7-headed beast---how prophetic. Look at how the US is scrambling each day, trying to detract our attention away from the truth by creating "sensational" news. Once again they claim that there is an eminent threat against our national security to the extent that the presidential elections this fall might be postponed. We have a thread already on this. Kerry/Edwards--two more white men-- running from here to there grinning and kissing babies, campaigning for the White House takeover...but what good will it do or difference will that honestly make, especially for us? Same ole, same ole?

    This is not something that doesn't affect us all. It is crippling us. The US can't afford for Africans to ever unite or feel empowered. They can't afford for us to wake up and raise up against these atrocities that do nothing but oppress us more and more by the day. The longer the giant sleeps, the easier it is for the robber to take the goods and fulfill their plans for worldwide dominance.

    The US needs our purchasing power and the sweat from our labor paying us pennies on the dollar. Sure you have a few Oprahs and Cosby's in the mix, but as long as they are doing the same things they were taught to do, they are no threat, in fact, they serve the master very well and are rewarded for it. As long as the mass majority of us continue to purchase the trinkets they dangle in front of us and target for us--cars, cigarette, alcohol, drugs, "designer" clothes, etc., we keep the motion of the wheel greased and it continues to turn.

    What are African Americans doing to secure their safety and survival? Well, according to the NAACP, they pay people like Cosby big bucks to stand in front of the world and point his finger and thumb his nose up at poor Black folk who are the largest tax paying citizens in this country and probably the world! What do WE need Cosby for? To be counted as one of the wealthiest Black people in the world? Is that what we NEED Oprah for, to show us how to make money like the white man does? What are the Black athletes in the NBA and NFL doing with all the money they receive for playing sports? Do you think they'd miss us if we didn't watch them on television or buy tickets to their games? What do we care about who gets traded to what team? As women, why are we concerned about how large our breasts are, curvaceous our butts are, straight and long our hair is and on and on....

    Are we so depressed that we will do anything in search of fleeting moments of happiness because we feel that our situation is hopeless?

    Queenie :spinstar: