Chief Elder Osiris : Only When Religion Is Exorcised Out Of The Mind Of Black People Will Black People Bec

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    Only When Religion Is Exorcised Out Of The Mind Of Black People Will Black People Become Free Again!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Hoteph Beloved:

    Listen beloved, let us deal with that instrument call Religion, the weapon of Mass destruction of Black People and a weapon that keep Black people deft, blind and ignorantly intelligent, concerning the Divine Essence, both Universe, and of our Black so call Afrikan Self.

    As we Black people are today, it has been made to be down wrong and impossible for Black people to be able to become Divinely Real and True regarding the weapon of mass destruction, the weapon of religion now used to bring about the maintaining of the fall of the Black Nation, from the Divine Knowledge of that which is Divinely True and Real.

    There is no Black Afrikan worth the Blackness of our salt that can put forth an act of discussion that follow the cycle of Divine Reason, being rational in such a discussion, and be logical in such a discussion of Religion and would remain under the charm of religion.

    When In defense of religion you are unable to verify the mind that is used to defend religion, is a mind that is Divinely sane, when attempting to show that religion is a state of mind serving as a mental state of refuge, for the safety of Black people mind that is confined in the institution of religion.

    It is religion that has established a reputation that heavily drip with the mind blood of our Black Afrikan Ancestors, even unto this day do our mind bleed of the blood of ignorance about the Divine Essence, (GOD) following the distate of religion

    There is no verification of mental sanity in and when pedaling religion to Black people, religion being a institutional belief system concerning God and Self, that crucify the mind of Black so call Afrikan people, and cause Black people to hate the Divine Truth, which in term, require for the believer to hate self and such an evil spirit reveal the lies and deception that religion cause black people to spread about the Divine Essence and the requirement that Life has in being obedient to a religious God.

    Religion is a doctrine that is based upon fantasy when God is the main focus of attention, a God that religion has introduced to the Black World and now have the Black world crawling on our knees in honor of a religious God that is required to have ears to hear, eyes to look from, nose to smell, a tongue to taste and the ability to feel, attributes that reveal the sensitivity of a Human Being and claiming that God is of a male gender, that beloved is the religious God and his name is Satan, Devil, Lucifer himself, they who created the religious concept of the God that now control the Mind of once Divine Black Beings, we who once were in the Divine Knowledge of what God Is and not who he is, beloved.

    Beloved, only when religion is exorcised from the Black Mind, will Black people be able to come to know that all religion is of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the creator of religion.

    So yes, religion is the conceived creation by Lucifer the Human Being, he who has a history of lying, deceiving, and abusing Black people, many unto death, all in the name and action of his God religion.

    It is the foolish Afrikan who attempt to offer a defense for religion, the very weapon that was used to have the Black Nation today divided and mentally deranged, preventing us from being able to Think Reasonable today, concerning the Divine Essence and about our Black life association to the Divine Essence.

    So beloved, I have come to share with you what you already know, but have been made to forget, and when you are in the know of the Divine Essence, both Universe, and of your Black self, then it become an obligation of those who know the Divine Truth to not condemn religion, but to reveal where religion is condemned by its own action, in the presence of the Black World, as religion has caused a once united Black Nation to become a believing divided Black Nation, one that has been made to become ignorant of the power of a Divine Mind action, which always operate in Harmony, Order, and Balance when in action revealing that which is Divinely True to the Black World.

    Also, I must share with you right now, informing you that Religion has never been meant to save Black people, it was created to condemn and victimize Black people, doing so by preventing Black people from remembering what the Divine Essence (GOD) is, and we are kept from knowing who we Black people are, which keep us from knowing the Divine Truth about our True divine Nature.

    Religion keep us ignorant from knowing the meaning and purpose of both universe, one Infinite and the other finite, and it is out from Infinity that all things are revealed and come to be, both in the physical and nonphysical.

    I have no premeditated desire to condemn religion, I have come to share with you the evil of religion and to share with you that religion is not for the Greater Good for Black people, religion condemn and confuse specifically Black people, a people who once were with an expression of a Divine Spirit, a quality of spirit that displayed the Divine nature of Black people, which cause black people to be Divine Beings, and not profane Human Beings.

    Black people have acquired the Human Beings spirit, thus having them to identify themselves as Human Beings, an adopted classification once we lost all knowledge of our Divine Black selves.

    Black people now being Lucifer in Spirit, now confessing to have never been perfect, because of what Lucifer religion teach you to believe about yourselves and how you so believe, so are you, beloved.

    Religion have you to believe that you are just a Black imperfect born evil Being with your every mind action being shaped in iniquity, making you to be a sinner at birth, so say religion, and you Black people question not, as you are stuck in the quick sand of lies and deception, as so being presented to you by the institution of Religion, a creation of the Lucifer's Human Being of this world.

    So you must come to See, I am here to share with you that which I know, and not to talk at you about that which I do not believe, because my Mind Love Divine sensation for Black people, is no joke.

    So, my sharing with Black people, that which I know, forbid me from debating that which is a lie, and beloved, I am not sharing with you Divine information with a hope of converting you from religion, because it is an established fool who would debate a lie, and religion is a liar and deceiver, having no Divine foundation to stand upon.

    It is the wise that is qualified to verify the Divine Truth, using the mental process of Divine Reasoning, which require that your thoughts be in Harmony, Order, and Balance, when engage in discussion, in search for the Divine Truth, with you being profoundly Rational and Logical when discussing that which is Divinely True and Real, which is required of you, if your desire is to reach a logical conclusion about that which is being discussed.

    So tell me, what is religion other than it being a perceived notion of a God that require for you to believe, have faith, and to hope for what you are told to believe about God, is True, and you are required to do so, in such a way, that it prevent you from knowing what the Divine Essence (GOD) Is.

    Religion has had its exposure under the Sun and the present condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, well it is what verify that religion is not meant to serve to the Greater Good of Black People, religion is to condemn Black people into believing something about God and our Black selves that we know nothing about.

    So the result that has come from Black people for believing in Lucifer various Religion and its doctrine, well I invite you Black people to take a look and be able to see the present condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan people mind today, a Mind that reveal the spirit ,of your Human Being Self.

    Beloved, it is Black Folks present life experience that now condemn religion for having us with such a low quality of Mind belief about ourselves and God, which is the cause today why Black people are the most devout believers in the indoctrination of religion today, and there is nothing about our Body Life living of Black people today, that have us to be Divinely proud of being who we have been made to become in our belief, faith, and hope, which come from religion today.

    Religious Spirituality is vainly deceptive as it have you to reveal an attitude and behavior that is motivated by lies and creative fantasies about God and the Black Self.

    Divine Spirituality reveal an expression of an attitudinal behavior that is in complete Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Spirit of the physical universe and it is the physical Universe that we must come to know of again, because it is our Divine Master Teacher by example, concerning the quality of Spirit we must reveal over the course of us living our body life, and it is the Universe that is Divine and not religious in all of its Teaching about the Divine Essence and about the physical self of your body life.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    hey Elder

    funny i was thinking bout this...

    one two two five is the curse

    the truth is that the "holy war" began at the beginning of time

    i was pondering another of ur articles on egyptology nuff respect on that

    i have much to say on it in revealing what is divinely so

    just know that i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!