Chief Elder Osiris : Only When Black People Get Away From Labels

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    Only When Black People Get Away From Labels We did Not Give To Ourselves, Is When We Will Become Knowledgeable Of Self!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Who are those people weighted in Labels that inadequately describe themselves, where did they come from and why can they not answer such a Divine Question by using their Divine Mind and not the Mind of their oppressors, they who have caused those people with Human Beings labels not to know who they are and if you ask them such a simple question about themselves their reply will be with an answer that a people calling themselves Human Beings have taught them about themselves and not only about ourselves but about the Human Being God, Both Universe, and most certainly about ourselves.

    Of course, the people I am referring to, happen to be people who once were of the Spirit of a Divine Being and now have become victims of the Human Being Spirit, a people with a History of Lying and Deceiving a people with a pigment shade, that is without Color, a phenotype unique unto themselves, and their shade is just as the Shade is of the Perfect Eternal Infinite Spatial Universe, that which we refer to as Night, Darkness, and Black, which serve to be the Divine Essence abode and out of which does everything proceed out from, to become something, it may be visible and invisible, but still is something, because there is no such thing as nothingness.

    Here is a People who willingly believe to be just as another people have taught them to be whatever is told to them to be, and about where they come from, which is from some stale stagnant pond, embracing not the Knowledge left to them by their Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancestors, revealing who you are and where you did come from, yet we take solace in believing a Liar and Deceiver Theory about Nature, as the the Liar and deceiver claimed that all things Living is living based upon the survival of the fittest, such is not the teaching about Nature by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Shaded Ancestors, the Shade of Space without Light, which we now label to be a colorless Black.

    So I beseech you Beloved, take a Look and then make an effort to See what you Black people have become and come to know how everything your Human Being mind touch, it destroy from being original to become profanely imitation, all because we Black People now function under a Mind that forbid us to Think, but to hold to belief with all of our Human Being Mind Might, the very Mind that have Black People believing as we do about the Divine Essence ( GOD ), about Both Universe, and about our Black Selves.

    It is our Human Being Mind Belief that has Afrika not to be Afrika anymore and Black People to be a divided Tribal people, waring against the Self of our Black Being, as we separate ourselves by identifying ourselves by geographical boundary lines and so call Tribal Ethnicity, which cause us to become sub-original Human Beings with a liking of labels so pinned upon us by the Human Beings of this World.

    Beloved, A Mind that is not originally yours is a mind out to conquer your Body Life and to create within you a Spirit that is not a Spirit of your Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors.

    So know this, there is no wonder that Zimbabwe is experiencing the political, social, educational, the Black Theology, and economic Fall within the continent of the Land of our Ancient First Way Ancestors and the cause of Zimbabwe present condition, happen not to be the action of the Western America World alone, but more so of the people who has been made to lose knowledge of themselves and now has a habit of preferring to function individually as a people, instead of collective, as a unified people that is present in the continent of a place referred to as Afrika, it with a great density of Black Divided Tribal Continent geographical label Black so call Afrikan People.

    Black People, if we have reached the level of pointing out Afrika and Black People enemies that is evil, and the only place we are looking is toward Asia, Europe, and America, then you do not know the gravity of the lacking of your ability to See and Know the Divine Truth and the cause of Afrika and Black People Problems, which happen to be those Black so call Afrikan People in Afrika and out of Afrika, you who are wearing the Mind of the Human Beings and their pinned labels just as the Black so call Afrikan Americans wear the label of our oppressors Mind here in the Diaspora, which prevent Black People calling themselves Americans from having a Spiritual Connection to Afrika and with each other, as you race Humanly to the Melting Pot of America.

    Beloved, it is the Black Afrikan People that has Zimbabwe, Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Kenya and all of the western labeled geographical wearing Black so call Afrikan People States in Afrika, those that are to blame and is the cause of Afrika States condition of poverty and in-fighting, such as Zimbabwe, to use as an example, that beloved is the cause of Zimbabwe condition today.

    There in that vast continent of Black People, you have chose to be influenced by your oppressors and to allow yourselves to be taught and led by Black people oppressors, even to the point that you strive to emulate our oppressors , taking on the oppressors Spirit and acting out such a Spirit against your own people and you are to ignorant to See the internal Harm you are doing to yourselves and to Afrika, so what you Black people do, concerning Zimbabwe?

    You enter into silly debates about the state of condition of Zimbabwe and who is to blame and here you are, divided as to what and who is causing Zimbabwe to be in the present state of condition it is in today.

    Well I am here to share with you European label wearing Black Afrikans, we who have not the power of Mind to transform those labels and have them to mean what your Spirit of a Divine Mind will have them to mean to yourself and move into action to have yourselves to See what you are Looking at and when you do, then you will come to know that Afrika is not Afrika today and Black People are not Divine Beings today, because of the fact that Black People have been made to become so profanely individual selfish Human Afrikan Beings and now you Black so call Afrikans in Afrika, you so full of profane and vain pride, always pointing out the state of condition of one Tribe over the over or what one phony state in Afrika has accomplished as oppose to what another State in Afrika has not accomplished and you have not the Divine Mind that bring Knowledge and Understanding to your Black Body Life that will cause you to be Wise in the decision you make about Afrika and your Black Afrikan Life, a decision that will prompt and give cause to the Black Afrikan People yo know that it is the Afrikan People who is to Blame for the state of condition of Zimbabwe and all other Afrikan States that are in similar condition as Zimbabwe happen to be in today.

    Beloved any Afrikan State worth its Salt, if in a position to contribute to the up lifting and change of condition of any down trodden Afrikan State of a People and do nothing to change those conditions and the meaning of your labels.

    You see to not act to change your people condition when you can and you continue to move and act, based upon some phony Afrikan State boundary line drawn by your oppressors or because of some Buffoonery Government in Afrika that happen to be enjoying the Yield of Mother Afrika Minerals of world need and value and profit from it, and you do not go to the rescue of your Sisters and Brothers, but rather to take phony political position against them in order to justify your action of neglect, then you are no more than the enemy that originated the problem in Afrika.

    So not until you so call Black Afrikans become willing to give way to your Human Being Mind and replace it with your Divine mind, give Way to Your human Being Spirit and replace it with your Divine Spirit, to give way to individual Tribalism and replace it with Divine Dynamic Collectivism and give way to those phony individual divided States and replace them with a Collective United States of Afrika, then and not until then, will Afrika become Afrika again and there will be no more present state of condition of Zimbabwe like states, in Afrika.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]