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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris:

Beloved, tell me, why is it that Black people are always in a reactionary mode of Fear and dissatisfaction, whenever white people remind us of how they are and what they believe about Black people and it be not what we want them to believe about us, and please, do not come in defense of white people by stating that there are always a degrading element in all Race and that the Noose do not represent the sentiment of all white people, because we will be doing it continuously, defending white people in our effort to categorize and classify white people in the way we want them to be and not as they need to be.

Yet, it should be white people attempting to satisfy Black people, they are the Race with a History of Demeaning, inflicting fear and oppressing Black People, and the Noose is doing no more than to remind Black People of our status in america, which is a slave, and Black people reaction to the noose only verify our Slave Mentality, by the way we react to a common display of Black disrespect, coming from the Human Being, the creators of Chattel Slavery, with the Hangman Noose being their symbol of disrespect and Death to the Black Race.

Black people reaction with fear and disbelief to the Noose display, only verify how out of touch with reality Black Folks are, as we display the low level of Mind we Black Folks still possess, which give us cause to be disappointed in the normal behavior of Lucifer, the Devilish Human Being, this Noose display clearly demonstrate how much Black folks despise the truth and the Truth here is that america Fabric is in a caste of Racism toward Black People and every Time the Symbol of Chattel Slavery is presented to Black People and we react in Fear and disgust, it only reveal the continue presence of our Slave Mentality, a mentality that live in fear and denial concerning our True status in america, which is a Mental Slave.

Black People along with america do not have the courage to have a Meaningful dissussion on Race in america, I can see why not america, but black Folks ? We have never saw the need to summon all Black People in america for purpose of havng a serious discussion on Race in america, we are always waiting on white folks to do what we need to be doing, in order to bring clarity to Black People concerning Chattel Slavery and Race in america, Why ?

Only a Slave Mentality and a Hypocrite react to the Hangman Noose, because among Black People that is making such a fuss over the action of the Human Being Noose, the symbol of Death to Black People, and to remind us Black Folks in the Human Being eyes, We Black Folks are still a Slave, because we act and react as such, every time the Human Being remind us whom they really are, which serve as a disappointment only to the Black Slave Mentality, the Lover of the Master that serve us our Oppression and disrespect in america and the World.

Whenever the Human Being display their Noose Symbol, Black People should hang the Sign of Reparation and should be doing the necessary thing that Will assure the hanger of the Noose that we are coming to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, instead of reacting like a Bunch of disappointed Slaves, believing that the Master has changed in the way they view and believe of and about Black People.

The Hangman Noose is a harsh and Staunch Reality of where it is that black Folks are in this america so call United States, and it clearly convey to Black People that we do not control anything in america, nor are we in authority over anything in america and yes, white Folks do tell us what o do, regardless of the fantasy of Frank Lucas in his america, he who was allowed to spread other people Dope to Black People and here we are glamorizing this pitiful ignorant Negro, labeling him as the American Gangster, so our Children can look at, Frank Lucas Represent the Black Hangman Noose and Denzel and no other weak Slave believing negro, can come with Divine Justification as to why the American Gangster was put into a Movie, in these Times of desperation and Humanizing of a once Black Divine Being, we Black Folks have been made to be a Fool, clothed in ignorance, as we pretend to be so educated and intelligence, wearing the Human Being Noose, symbolizing our now Human Being Mind, a Mind that blind us from Seeing the Divine Truth of our Black Life condition in the World.

Yet here we Black Folks are, discussing the symbol of our oppression and doing nothing about it, as we wait on the Hangman himself to protect our Black Behind, as if to suggest that the Hangman has respect for your Black Behind, a fallacy that only a Slave mentality carry concerng their oppressors.

Beloved, it happen to be Black folks that give meaning in these days to the Hangman Noose, as long as we react with fear and Humility to the Treachery of the Human Being, the more we place ourselves in Lock down, in the Dungeon of the Human Being Racist Fascist mental Prison, suffering their repression and Oppression,as we still wear the Hangman Noose around the Human Being Mind, a Mind that has and continue to destroy a Once Divine Black Nation, we that now find ourselves reacting to the Behavior of the Human Being, as he remind us that our Life is not worth their respect, as they display the symbol of the atrocity our Enslaved Ancestors encountered by the hands of the Human Being, still being the Racist they always will be to Black People, as long as we Black People allow the Hangman be to us our greatest fear and disappointment, meaning we have developed respect and Trust in the Hangman of Black People in america, the place we have grown to love so dearly without a justified cause.

Here is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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