Black Poetry : Only now it's a tradegy to America?!

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    Mar 29, 2001
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    Sometimes I wonder
    I wonder if this world is full of hatred
    Killing and sorrow is the file it is under
    The Unitied States stepping up being a patriot
    Today four planes were hijacked
    Hundreds of people died during this frey
    If that's freedom that's ****ed
    "This might be the beginning of a war" is all we say
    That's great so more graves people will lay
    We act like this is new to us
    In other countries this happens almost everyday
    So now it's happened to us so we now make a fuss
    Now we say it's a tradegy
    Smoke rising until dusk
    It's happening to us so now we say "It's so sad to see"
    That's not fair
    The home of the brave
    We tell other countries try to take us down we double dare
    But all this time and how many lives can we say we saved?
    I can tell you have many people have died because of war
    Millions of innocent people and their rights to live were waived
    So this is what it's like to live in democracy
    I guess I must be blind because I can't see
    How this is civilized
    Because no one can realize
    The hyprocrits that say no more fights
    Are the people today saying let's go to war, that's right
    Democracy uhhhh
    Freedom uhhhh
    The right to live a life uhhhh
    If we go to war the only people hurt
    Is the innocence and our moralls should be burnt
    And rights
    Will be a joke

    Much sorrow for what happened on Tuesday, but even more sorrow for the pain the United States is going to cause.