Black Money Business Jobs : Only have $25 to your name? Invest it


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Sep 17, 2012
yeah right. look at everything the market has taken from individuals in the last 10 years. If all you have is $25, put it under your mattress where it is safe. How many times will people fall for the same thing? If you are going to put any money anywhere.. put it together with other people that you know and start something cooperative. Do not send your money to some financial witch doctor to do some magic and give you more than you had before. If the last 10 years have not made that crystal clear to folks than they need to be taken advantage of.

Most of the times these are nothing more than ponzi schemes.. Why do folks think that others can take care of their money better than they themselves. A few years ago one of these ponzi scheme, that is all I can call it... came here from one of the other Caribbean island encouraging folks to was all a teacher lost ALL her savings...another one who invested her life living in conditions that is worse than those living in the slums of any third world country. If something seems to good to be is.

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