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    Sabella Ogbobode Abidde <[email protected]> wrote:
    A friend got dumped this weekend and hasn't stopped crying since.
    The separation and eventual divorce was just too hard on him; and
    now he is inconsolable, and beginning to exhibit suicidal
    tendencies. For ages, I have been telling him never to marry for
    love. It is okay to fall in love; it is okay to play the kiss-kiss-
    loving-loving- bang-bang game. But that's about it. No man or woman
    should marry for love. Never! Marriage is too serious a business to
    mix with love. Love is for the frail hearted; marriage is a business
    for sharks -- for those with predatory tendencies. You can't be
    married and be sane. Impossible!

    After ten years, two kids and a lifetime of infidelity on her part,
    she finally dropped the bombshell: she was tired of his stale and
    monotonous *** and wanted a change for something new, something
    exciting and something multihued. He told me she told him she was
    tired of driving the same stick. How they met and their history of
    courtship is a matter for modern day chroniclers. But first, let me
    tell you what I did the penultimate weekend in Nigeria. I visited a
    psychic and a medicine Man.

    You see, I was getting ready to depart Nigeria for the US when a
    friend suggested we visit his uncle who was a noted clairvoyant in
    Oshogbo. He also suggested we see his father-in-law who is the head
    medicine man in Ile Ife just to be sure we covered all bases. In the
    event we were unable to make it to Ile Ife, we had the hills and the
    caves of Abeokuta as a backup. These visits wouldn't have been
    necessary but for the fact that things weren't going as I had
    planned in terms of employment and or contracts.

    Personally, I am not sold on psychics, fortune-tellers and all those
    who claim to have paranormal ability. But at this point in the game,
    I could care less about what I believe and what I don't believe in.
    It won't hurt to try other channels. For more than a quarter
    century, I have always thought these groups of people are nothing
    but dupes, liars, hope-peddlers, dream-merchants and duplicitous
    magicians. But not anymore! I have seen. I have seen. I have seen.
    And now I believe!

    All I wanted was a good luck charm. A sure fire, sure banker, and
    the kind you wear and no one will refuse or turn you away. Yea, just
    before I digressed, I was telling you about a friend who married for
    love and then got burnt. I have my own grand theories: First, if you
    are a woman, never marry a struggling man. He will weigh you down,
    make you go to nursing school and then work you like a dirty donkey.
    Common, you don't want that. And if you are a man, never marry an
    ugly duckling. What for? What's there to look at? You need a trophy
    with the right curves.

    Second, never promise fidelity. No man or woman should promise
    fidelity. Marital fidelity is unnatural. You have the inalienable
    right to taste this and that and that and this until diminishing
    return sets in. And then you move on. Moreover, never promise "until
    death do us part." One ought to be able to change course if there is
    a change in fortune. Would you travel blindly into the seas if you
    think the wind is beginning to pick up and likely to turn violent or

    Third, only hold on to those who will obey before complain. If your
    woman has the propensity to complain before she obey, well, that's a
    sign she will complain of headache and fatigue when its time to baby-
    you. Likewise, no woman should put up with a man who whines. Haba,
    do you know a man – a real man – who whines when he should be
    dutifully performing his duty? Anyway, I have nine more of my
    theories to unload, but I have to go now. There are two breaking
    news on NTA…****, what's the matter with NEPA?

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    Sabella Abidde <[email protected]> wrote:
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    From: Sabella Abidde <[email protected]>
    Subject: Re: [AfriKWomanToWoman] ONLY FOOLS MARRY FOR LOVE
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    Sure, my email is public anyway. It is attached to most of my essays, and so I won't mind responses.

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    Precious Sabella, thank you. I posted it.

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