Black Poetry : Only Fear

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    (you know I've search for Black Jesuz and all prophets just to come to realization they don't exist just like anybody here on earth when you sitting in peace...there are only powers and we put names to entities we cannot see...fore me the only fear is reincarnation)

    Hit the windshield,
    blank and flatline without the beeps,
    sitting in a dormat state,
    awaiting but no-thing exist,
    finally peace feeling like a lifetime,
    came back like what happen?
    Earth is what they call this,
    where people learned knowledge,
    handed down wisdom from the same,
    expecting a difference doing the same,
    insanity and madness,
    prayer after prayer,
    meditation serves a purpose fulfilling,
    eye can witness all day long,
    but if the people aren't moving,
    then where is black jesus?

    This is not heaven but a living hell,
    where brimstone are houses,
    i seen fire spark up from a lighter,
    held to each and every smoker hyped up,
    on different copes trying to survive,
    life as we know it as the game,
    the game has saints,
    that's what a book said,
    just like the tree of life,
    but the difference between books,
    and reality is that a book is made from,
    the tree of life,
    the tree of life elevates always,
    plant a seed and watch a forest grow on,
    higher and higher and deeper and deeper,
    expanding out to other roots,
    where my roots lie is beyond extensions,
    of a word as a symbol,
    symbol configured together sounding like what,
    something you can't understand but interpret and taught,
    learning is hard to be yourself,
    to come back here was the hardest thing to except,
    but i refuse to come back again....

    I don't believe in everything,
    so i use everything to intensify,
    my purpose as i write it daily,
    and thought of since birth,
    people ask me about God,
    and i tell them nah i don't believe,
    or any religion or way of life,
    except mine of my destiny or fate,
    maybe both depending on how,
    i make decisions routing and rerouting,
    my path...
    Is there a higher power or deeper power,
    maybe so and maybe not,
    i can't see nathan,
    done read book after book,
    the only thing i know how is to build,
    and don't believe in these words either,
    as everything didn't exist when i went flatline,
    and people ask me did you see heaven?
    for me it was as describe as peace,
    so i gotta make it here for myself,
    while walking to my funeral,
    write out my eulogy,
    edit scratch out the mistakes,
    make myself totally positive,
    don't really care who you think i know,
    nor who what you believe in,
    as the feelings are mutual,
    this is me to the fullest,
    so read me on as a fiction,
    within your library,
    cause afterwhile even i will disappear,
    then come back when my cover is open,
    just like that casket door,
    revive me when you think about,
    another thought process.

    This world is truly scandalous,
    you gotta outwit the hustler,
    fight the demons and angels,
    so called cartoon figures,
    a pigment of my imagination,
    i remember super heroes and violence,
    being merged together,
    then somebody told me i was a roman,
    cause john is the bapist,
    and islam is the overall peacekeeper,
    while budda went into the mountains to meditate fore years,
    and voodoo became evil,
    while the militaries of the world,
    penetrate lands from greed lead by a man,
    while the woman sits at home agreeing,
    but switch it up plus i'm white from eyes,
    cause black is not the way to be,
    and the asians are superior,
    while confusion get all the laughter,
    as high keep rising,
    latinos are the righteous,
    what ever happen to astronomy?

    You get so much information overload,
    then bend over to be done in,
    straight dookie bandits perverted stuff,
    pissing on everybody on sight,
    you know one,
    and the other knows two,
    while somebody believes in three,
    i gotta father named a senior,
    nicknames after nicknames,
    like nick-at-night,
    nicholaus as santa claus,
    clauses and laws,
    slaw and mash potatoe,
    toes and foes,
    everything is like a web being exposed,
    before eyes made out of quartz,
    called human television,
    and i dream about the last scenes,
    turn the channel cause this ain't living,
    maybe i should pray to a man that is not man,
    whenever he wants to be a man,
    nor a woman and a name starting off with a hook,
    fore a letter like captain dummy on deck,
    smoking straight laced up thai weed,
    be the author of millions and billions,
    i shot you and told you about it,
    still you don't believe and sleep in denial,
    while the devil gets credits and satan plays his brother,
    the criminal justice systems love inmates,
    a colony of penises and vaginas,
    lavish rulers out on their green sprayed chemical yards,
    sipping on lemonade under the sunshine,
    baking like bacon porked out,
    steadily beefing but i got no cow,
    meow to the c sharp,
    plus the cheddar cheese,
    and the brain isn't use but of only two percent,
    per penny stacks up more penny fore a pension,
    retirement of slaves is your benefit,
    while freedom doesn't exist,
    affecting you emotionally,
    separated and divided blinded as a minimum,
    mini mums are over in the UK,
    while m plus other is mother,
    the t is masculine as the cross,
    plus her or is it mut from the beginning?
    oh we the supreme nature individuals,
    studying from the tree of life of many different languages,
    blasphemy and blast fore me one day,
    may be a month on mon after on got turned up,
    this funk is ridiculous and outer space,
    pace with an s like the snake or spine,
    chakras or shock ra us?
    i don't even know if these letters mean anything,
    like a female saying actions proves best,
    protect myself with vest or a bulletproof one?
    nothing has changed and still i will remain the same,
    until i go back where i came from,
    back into the womb vibrated by the sperm,
    that's what they told me,
    and sex is all ways is what i'm seeing,
    male on male and female on female,
    with of course the born two gender,
    is my steel suppose to penetrate her,
    well i can only tell you what was passed down to me,
    as a story of birds and bees,
    but they are separate too,
    as the bees buzz around,
    while the birds fly high in search of foods,
    exercising they right to be free,
    honey is made by yellow and black,
    it's sweet from the combs called wax,
    everything was written before i was born,
    yet want me to bow down,
    oh a job is so great and misery is guidance,
    let me fear the white man as the father,
    but oh the father is the master,
    maat plus star drop the at add me back to back,
    and what is black?

    I prayed to the holiest to bring back,
    my cousin like in the book when he was reviving,
    by the touch of cloth,
    is it poetic of parable given too me,
    by a famous individual validated cause of the shines,
    from his crown?
    well the preacher moves us into green pastures today,
    yet we still in barren lands and the law's crimes decrease,
    maybe more brothers are being locked up,
    cause momma couldn't take the pressures,
    while daddy mobbed on against the systematic oppression,
    she loves them though and sits righteous,
    i got sisters who believe in it too,
    introduced to it first are the babies,
    not knowing one thing about a secret hidden,
    but feed me and water me, change me and milk me please,
    hold me tightly when those bullets run through my body,
    he said last night as the chambers emptied round fore round,
    line fore line get snorted by addicts,
    just as the same when words were written,
    controlled by the american psychology association,
    i bet silence is mad as hell,
    though i don't understand none of this,
    steadily everyday is what you trying to be,
    versus what they want you to be,
    how can i get out?
    i took one to the brain,
    splattered in another dinner,
    while my organs get sold,
    helping another settle down fore another five years or longer,
    i'm screwed up totally and screwed down,
    while she sexing on the carpet,
    burning inches of her life into measures,
    inches by inches bangs like a millimeter glock,
    busting shots as nuts and the squirrels smile when they drop...
    on the real my only fear is reincarnation,
    take me away from all this physically or mentally,
    either way it's alright with me,
    on my own land or burnt up,
    satisfied in silence bonded as no-thing again.

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2