Black People : online love?(not a poem, just need some light of wisdom to be shone down upon me)


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Mar 31, 2001
*************** " uuummm ... "

#1 - MOST guys actually LOVE great conversation.
A phone call won't hurt.
Don't consider him to be a rare find
cuz he finds you interesting,
yet don't assume anything.
Play it by ear , but remember most guys
ARE good guys w/ good intentions.

#2 If the whole " I met someone on the internet "
tag is too yucky/desperate sounding / or juvenile
for you ( i've been there ) >
then calling would be more " legitimate " .
Me and my "online interest" ( when I had one )
- we mailed each other letters.

it was PHAT ! - the 1st one she sent me was
written on a paper towel.
and we vowed to NEVER write to each other
with reg. paper .
so for about 4 months, we got to know each
other and be creative - .
In the end, I didn't have enough of what she
wanted, but i don't regret the experience.
( our 1st face to face was at the millionfamilymarch )

#3 Don't listen to anything one has said to you.


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if He doesn't have God in his life, then he's out.
other than that, how people meet and end up depends on the people.
i've heard of some getting married and some not clicking.
it's works both ways,
so really, nothing but time and destiny could tell you this one.

peace nfinite


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Mar 21, 2001
African Dance Instructor/Cultural Educator
Poetic delight

private joke or am I confused? What did j'hiah say that was funny? I thought he spoke truth.

I get the feeling I'm missing something. If I intruded on something I apologize.

*slipping away quietly*


Mar 22, 2001
I agree with J'hiah 100%

nothing more nothing less

if one considers hooking
up on the internet to be wild,
then he or she should consider
some of the occasional ways
people meet one another

club hopping is a prime
example and the most common
theory revolves around u
can't find love in the club
which i just happen to agree

so it's best to approach all
angles whenever possible cautiously

~infinitelovepeacenserenity :)
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