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    Conventional thought dictates to most people that exclusive veneration to a male God, a bachelor God, and a single parent-type God is normal.

    I disagree, b/c I know the GODDESS came into the world b4 the male God. Yet to ensure balance 'both' are signficant and meaningful, rather than the Male God being dominate over the Female God.


    Last Summer, a very brilliant male teacher asked the class if we knew what the term 'spiritual rape' meant. Of course, I had no idea of what he was talking about; therefore, had no idea nor concrete definition to answer his question. He then went on to explain that 'spiritual rape' exists whenever a man and woman fail to pray to THE CREATOR before they are joined in intimate union.

    I still did not GET what he meant until "most recently" re-read: "The Historical Origin of Christianity" by Walter Williams. -- who postulates on the androgynous attribute(s) of THE CREATOR that gives (eg. past, present, future) cosmic balance to the Universe.

    An interesting link, click here provides a plausible assertion that: one with exclusive positive energy should be very careful of joining with one with exclusive negative energy.

    This presentation may already be known to some, if so kudos to you because you know to cleanse your spirit of past negative energies b4 ever entering into a new union. However, for those who may be unaware of this concept take the time to cleanse the negative energies from 'past' unions to prevent cross-contamination of your present positive energy.

    One Love:1luvu:

    PS IMHO, we all have a duo spirit (eg. WARRIOR versus SPIRITUAL). The trick is to maintain balance. Hopefully, this post acknowledges one aspect of the SPIRITUAL side of self.