Black People : ONE TO KNOW Dr. Sebi (The Man Hidden From The World)

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    Dr. Sebi (The Man Hidden From The World)

    Dr Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman on November 26, 1933. He was born in Llanga which is located in the Honduras. When he came to America he was diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, impotency, and obesity. He went to many doctors who could not rid him of these diseases. Finally he was told to see a herbalist in Mexico. He went and was cured of all his diseases. He learned a lot about herbs, fruits, and vegetables. He learned that most of the vegetables people eat today aren’t even a product of natural creation, they’re man invented. So he asked himself where should he start. Being that no one has actually took the time to invest in the study and curing of the diseases in African Americans, he felt that was a great place to start. His journey led him into creating natural vegetation compounds that effect the body on a cellular level. He found that African Americans need to have foods in their body that benefit where they come from. So he began using natural herbs and ingredients from Africa. He makes a good point when explaing his reason for using compounds found in Africa. He said, if you were to take the polar bear out of the north pole, you would have to feed him the diet that he had in the cold. You would not try to feed him the diet of the gorilla. Just because something is labeled a animal (human) doesnt mean that what one animal (human) eats, has the same nutritional benefits for all (humans) animals. Once he created his nutritional compounds he began sharing them with people who had all sorts of diseases. He found that there is only 1 disease and that is the germ that is in your body causing dis ease. Get rid of the germ and you become cured. Germs need to grow just like plants do. If you take away the soil then the plant simply cannot grow and will die. He discovered that mucus is the soil that germs use to grow. So if you can get rid of the excess mucus in your body then these dis eases have nowhere to grow so it is flushed out of the body. With this discovery he began curing people with anything from Aids to Diabetes, even curing the blind! He started a healing center in a village in Laceiba, Honduras called the URSHA Research Institute.

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    In the Spirit of Sankofa,

    ... Yes Sir, this is the Man when it comes to health and wellness... I've listen to him many times now; here's one of my favorites:

    Also, his life puts in the mind of Vivien Thomas, the black man that actually developed the tool and procedure in the first open heart surgery:


    Both Men, supposedly, did not have the credentials, but had the genius to accomplish great feats.

    Peace In,
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    I've talked to Dr. Sebi - and I like his methods - the one thing that I didn't like about him is that he doesn't teach men medicine period - well at the time he didn't. He told me that he's only teaching women out of his office that was in L.A. I was a little disturb by his answer to me when I asked him how much does it cost - but then again - he must have some reasoning behind it.

    I was like coo - so I started dealing with Dr. Llaila O Afrika. He's just as good as Dr. Sebi in my book - though I don't agree with all of his theories - I definitely agree with his medical philosophy. He out of many N.D.s have the right of passage to actually teach Naturalistic Medicine in Ghana and other place in Africa having come from America unlike others.

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    The rotten Apple

    I first heard of this brother years ago while watching a documentary that Left eye (from the group TLC) did while on vacation in Honduras. He treated her and her friends and family that were willing to be treated and she began to have a totally new outlook on life, Spiritually and mentally. She even exclaimed how much she loved him and how he saved her life. She was actually dealing with him before this documentary (now that i think of it) was filmed because as i remember it, she was guzzling the juice with no problem (which means she was used to it) while the others who were willing to drink the mixture were making all types of faces and spitting it out uncontrollably. As brother Ru2 says, it was only females in the group that he was dealing with. Why? I don't know.

    It was deep!

    I even think he was starting to be harrassed by a certain wicked people shortly after it aired years ago.

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