Black Spirituality Religion : One should not fear for the thorny path, which alone is true.

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    One should not fear for the thorny path, which alone is true.

    The truth will attract only very few gems. The fraud will attract many gravel stones. If I want only the majority of gravel stones, I need not preach this divine knowledge any more, because already sufficient fraud is established by the blind tradition. One should not fear for the thorny path, which alone is true. One should constantly try to travel in that true path.

    If the soul is in constant trail, God will help the soul by sanctioning any number of future human births with congenial atmosphere and one day or other the soul will certainly reach the true goal. This is better than reaching the false goal through the false path in this very human birth itself. But, remember, the effort should be really sincere and not a cinema action.

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    The road to perdition is one of sin, while the road to light and the Father and the Son is one of righteousness. There are great trials to be overcome on the road of righteousness, and for many, they'd rather not purposely chose a road of trial and tribulation. However, for those who do chose the righteous Way, by keeping faith in the Holy Son who died for our sins on the tree, and holding onto belief in His works, words, and resurrection from the dead, a sacred and holy reward await them at their ending, which is worth more than we can imagine in the body.

    So, for truth, we should chose the narrow road, and we'll come to all that is Good.