Black Spirituality Religion : One should have ‘I’ when sacrificing to God

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    One should have ‘I’ when sacrificing to God
    Unless you feel ‘my’ and sacrifice it, - it is not a real sacrifice at all

    Ahamkara (EGO) has two senses, - in basic sense, it is simply the ‘I’
    It is pride in its extended sense – of ignorance and this is bad.
    The basic sense should never be – destroyed as in deep sleep.
    If you say that you helped someone – by grace of God, it is basic sense.
    If you boast yourself for helping him, - it is pride and it is only bad.
    Ego in basic sense should not be – dissolved unless in the time of rest.
    ‘I’ and ‘my’ are essential in Divine play, - when you surrender yourself
    To God totally, the “I” should remain, - it is not a state of deep sleep.
    You are serving God retaining ‘I’, - even though I is totally surrendered.
    Unless you feel ‘my’ and sacrifice it, - it is not a real sacrifice at all.

    Unless you feel that the money – given by God is your money really,
    Your sacrifice is not true, - if you know that it is the money of God,
    You feel like returning His money, - there is no sacrifice in it.
    When you sacrifice your money – to your child, you feel it as
    Your money only, here sacrifice – becomes real and love is real.

    For such real devotion ‘My’ should be – retained with ignorance.
    The real test of your love to God – is based on this ignorance only.
    God covers you with ignorance and – retains your ‘I’ and ‘My’ so that
    You feel sacrifice of love really and – God also covers Himself with
    Ignorance so that He also feels – that you sacrificed your money and
    Not returning of His own money, - then only real feeling of love exists.
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    So what I'm getting is that if one wants to make a true sacrifice, though they know the sacrifice is given of the Father, they should feel some sort of ownership so that they feel they are giving part of themselves. Hmmm, never really thought that deep on it, but I feel it. :)

    The Father knew the Holy Son was always His, but He still gave His Only Begotten to us so that we might have salvation through His sacrifice on the tree.

    And though the Father never loses anyone through death or otherwise, He still resurrected His Son back to life eternal so that we should have redemption, and proof that the Father was with us, through His Faithful and Anointed. We just need faith, belief, and works, and none of this will be in vain. ;)