Black Poetry : One Purpose

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    One Purpose

    Defeat thugs like street drugs alter their minds and slaughter
    With rhymes use mortars sometime to explode in troubled waters
    In stress and aroused like a death house dwell hot in a cell block
    Condemned for crime this ’ll be a film in time murder is a hell plot
    Many fakes on this planet so don’t take for granted me not battling
    Back with voice while saddling a black horse got microphone rattling
    Style correct while others facing child neglect need physical care
    Lyrical and aware of this, my rhyme duty is a fine beauty everywhere
    To look at when shook with stats ready to cook a fat rhyme don’t dare
    Step to this not a block clown but get knocked down by force hate fist
    Fights, hung true the Kung Fu the art of fighting without fighting just piss
    Cats off, when my rhymes spoil I use Pine Sol to disinfect then twist necks
    Assemble verse that ’ll tremble the earth but have to get nimble first reflect
    My exercise just to stay complex and wise yall surprised? Gather skills
    I rather kill microphones and fill domes with knowledge not a daffodil
    This is Kill bill II starring Lucy Lu girl lips so juicy and true groovy
    On the movie, look at home yall made a phone call maybe a newbie
    At this couldn’t pay my light bill and tonight fill with darkness no power
    And no shower, candle light is a gamble right? Don’t work or tower
    Raw today like a draw play use a full act to give to my fullback not
    The worse clown to make a first down put it all in football rhymes hot
    My head spin when I see the Redskins lose a game
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    word up! in circumstances
    I could say da same about dem Bears
    who look like un-rhyme time squares
    got me workin da block
    bustin da mic got lyrics on lock
    they don't have a shot when i pop
    like goes da weezle i give them da measles
    cats like a symptom i'm da treatment of prevention
    when i speak out in my choice and voice
    becoming a diction wit a bang of intonation
    got me on blast !