Black Sports : One "Pound for Pound" Runs and Wins, Another Gets Caught, and Loses

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    While the hype for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was much to do about nothing (yawns, one of the more boring, if not the most, hyped championship fights), with Mayweather running and holding, tossing out a few pot shots upon a one armed man, another so called "pound for pound" champion was stripped of his title and endorsements, and now faces some serious jail time.

    Mayweather/Pacquiao fight was such a non-fight that nobody even commented on it...

    With a less than a month away from defending his championship and practically undefeated record, Jon "Bones" Jones was in a car accident which lead to a hit and run, fleeing, and criminal possession of narcotics.

    Find the links about the news, it's not hard.

    But between Mayweather seemingly forcing Pacquiao into a May 2nd fight date with no other alternatives or no fight would happen, and Manny revealing he fought with an injured shoulder that Mayweather knew about...

    and the top UFC champion getting removed from the organization, with the high probability that he will not be coming back any time soon...

    What does this do for the legacy of combat sports?

    Could we talk about Frazier, Joe Louis, Ali, Foreman, and the likes, if they were to have some of these public character mishaps? Mike Tyson is an exception to what we would think of as a person with characteristics that don't conform to public viewing, as he was able to still gain sympathy. From his public drama with Robin Givens, Don King pimping, to the ultimate claim of raping a young woman, Tyson still had a sense of humility like a mouse trapped in a lion's den.

    The past generations of combat athletes seemed to enjoy being entertaining and personable more than those of today's generations.

    But looking at today's journeymen, does personality and character really matter when it comes to a sport where the goal is to beat another person into a bloody mess... that is when they aren't running around?