Black Poetry : One Overlooked

Poetic Pride

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Feb 13, 2003
There's a sistah with her head lying on the ground...
having no shelter, no family, no clothes to call her own
except for the one shoe that reminds her of home, but
many walk pass her without taking a moment to question
the one shoe that is gone...
You overlook this sistah, but I stop to question to discover
Misses is a product of rape.
The night she left her dead mama's house from the whole
world she tried to escape.
From her house she made a right, went further down and made
a left at the light and from there a car rode up and snatched her
from the remorse that sent her on a traffic search...
She didn't find herself in a drughouse, but in the front room
of a rapist's shack;
With her mother's death on her mind, she didn't fight back.
She just screamed: "Rape me're wasting my time!"
So, will you continue to be a passerby?


Jun 16, 2004
I never thought about it like that, i like the output you gave on this situation.

Everything is not as it seems


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Mar 21, 2001
whewwwwwwwwwwwww!! deep mental way to bring it
flow on whoaaaaaaaaaa!

Alpha Male

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Dec 11, 2003
Reply to Poetic Pride

Poetic Pride, Your story provokes my thoughts toward the humans nature
I think in today’s world, the answer to your question would bring displeasure
But I will tell you what I would do; I would practice the ancient art of chivalry
I’d knock, like I was selling jewelry, then make the rapist drink my artillery

Great poem you have made
Now go and seize a great day

Please show me some of your love
Today read and reply to my thread
" Dear Alpha Male, please help me, signed the slave from torment land"
Please tell me about my skills, tell me if their weak
or show nuff real----------Thank You

If you read and replied once!
Do it again, kick up a notch!----------Thank you
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