Black Poetry : One Night

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
One night
In the midst of it all

Visions in the mid night hour
Sparked my flamin desire

Leaving me to never doubt myself(again)
And loving me(inspite of what people think)

One night
It all came true

One night I said it all
In a little prayer

Tears of joy followed
And the weight of it all(that dissapointed me)
All conveniately dissappeared

Lovin you
I know a place (called heaven)
That remains silenced in my domain

One night
Sitting by the fire
I had a story to tell you...(about)
But you weren't there...
Deeply...You Make ME Feel So Good.

Seems so far away

In detail
I say to you(not to fear)

What things may come to you(bold)
Wither away going in one ear and out the other


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