Black Spirituality Religion : One need not run away from the problems

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    One need not run away from the problems

    The devotee can become the Lord in all aspects except the aspect of creation, maintenance and destruction of universe. The other aspects are not at all disturbed due to absence of the last aspect. Suppose a producer of a film is enjoying His own picture. Though you are not the producer, you can enjoy the cinema in equal status with the producer. You can enjoy just like the producer because you are enjoying the same cinema without taking the laborious efforts of its production. Therefore you should not say that since he is the producer, he is enjoying.

    People often say that since the human incarnation is Lord, He can enjoy the tragic scenes of the cinema. Do you mean that the producer only can enjoy the tragic scenes of the cinema? Any spectator can enjoy the tragic scenes of the cinema. The only requirement for such continuous enjoyment of comic and tragic scenes of the cinema is only the realization of the nature of the cinema. If you know that the cinema is unreal, you can enjoy even the tragic scene.

    Whether the spectator is a producer of the film or an ordinary human being the requirement for the continuous enjoyment of the cinema is only the knowledge about the unreality of the cinema. Therefore you need not run away from the problems of the life and leaving the theater is committing suicide. Therefore do not say that Rama, Krishna etc are God and so could stand unperturbed during the difficult times in life. The argument is completely wrong and what you lack is the knowledge of the reality of this creation (forms and feelings) and not the producer-ship of this creation.

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    The disciples of the Holy Son have been told by the Son that while we couldn't surpass the Teacher and Master, we could be like unto our Master. So yes, we can be like the Faithful Anointed in every way and aspect, save for being greater. However, that doesn't mean everyone will achieve the same level of likeness to the King, but that it's always open for the possibility.:)

    So everyday should the faithful work hard, in the faith of the Holy Son and the Father for the Son's sacrifice for our sins, and also, the Great GLORY's long suffering, to being like how we have been lovingly taught and patiently waited upon. Everyday there should be the belief in the resurrection of the Son from the dead and His salvation that He has brought to us all.

    With these precious things the Son has shared with us, faith, hope, love, and light, there be no need to run from problems for then we know all is in the Father's hands. He will help us, and we shall overcome.