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    Black in my Mind
    If I write one more poem about him
    I can’t say he is as self-centered as he is
    Because Then I have positioned myself perfectly
    Inside his vanity
    Not a pretty picture for he nor me to proclaim
    Shame on you
    Who call yourself “JUST FRIENDS”
    Then bend all the rules
    On tools
    Only lovers should use for each other
    But somehow he jimmy locked himself inside
    You can hide
    But I see me
    Olly Olly Otsen free
    But I stay here
    Like a fawned deer
    Caught in the headlights
    Might be the sorriest kinda meat
    That nobody enjoys
    Knowing the truth about the catch and kill
    Still sucking and eating the meat...
    See, If I write one more poem about him
    Ima be telling on myself
    Ima be telling the truth
    About how uncouth the ***** really is
    And the ***** I’m referring to is not HIM
    About how obsession makes you lose
    Nobody actually wins
    It is a game you find yourself playing
    When it’s too late to quit
    Like wishing on a star and it ain’t coming true
    ‘Cuz you told it

    Like thinking you made it to home base
    Realizing somebody done move that ****!
    But if I say this poem ain’t about him
    I’d be lying…
    Trying to find a way out
    They say think outside the box
    But what about when you boxed in?
    I’m thinking….The only way to win is…
    Somebody gotta get knocked out!
    The detour routes you didn’t mind taking
    But constantly shaking roadblocks
    From Wannabehards
    Holding Trump cards
    Who Lil’ Big Joker Ace King Queen
    I mean, Me?
    I can’t see writing all the time
    About a waste of time
    A beneficial “FRIEND” of mine
    Who pretends that THIS
    Ain’t what THIS IS…
    Tells me, don’t call THIS that
    In fact
    THAT would make THIS
    Another poem about him…
    And see…
    If he’d ask me…
    I’d say
    “THIS Poem……
    Naw, you know “WE JUST FRIENDS”
    You ain’t that important….”
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