Black Poetry : One kid faced life’s corrosion caused a nice explosion in


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May 11, 2006
One kid faced life’s corrosion caused a nice explosion in
His brain and bombarded his mind like grenades with pulled pins
Had a bazaar flow heavy like cargo, ships transported his scripts
Stuff he wrote float on boats and large barges and on charted trips
Rhymes Colorful like spray paint but he stay faint and each
Day taint his future, involved in drugs only a job for thugs teach
The way of crime only to play a divine gangster how do you reach
This cat with the brisk stats? Can wear bling and crystals but
Don’t cling to pistols and be facing gun charges life dismal as ****
Being a thug mean is like a submarine you stay underwater can’t
Breathe or catch fresh air, your game rot after a lame plot it ain’t
No comeback you be plumb whack looking for answers while clubbing
From a fake hood and its like baked goods cooked in an oven
shook loving it because it leaves cats thugging abit and shoving
clowns around town, like fresh meat yall best eat this and chew
with gravy this is true like Navy ships, float on waters and do
maneuvers like users of computers,have great wisdom and like
a brake system compressed liquids kick it inside my brains hype
up my morale, it’ll be nice to have a device that increase rhyme
ability my mind would be silly with skills conquer the beast of crime
try see fly but what is TI doing having extreme fun with machine guns
guess having money out the *** make some cats a dummy fast
**** boy forget about your crummy past get a honey with some ***
and chill out homey


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