Black Poetry : One Hand To Hold A Heart Will Mend

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
I equate love captured in a magnificent stone or that of a pearl of great price.
Once this life is lived you never get a second chance at which to roll the dice twice

love came to me as swiftly as an angelic fervor nestled on the very fabric of my soul

one can't exchange love for lust in the twentieth century world in quite a rush

love is a state of being in feelings down deep in the heart of the one we have to do

One may retionalize the very notion of love through tunnels of glorious flowers in their vast apparel...

love is from the touch of baby in need of a mother for comfort all nestled in a blanket

love is in the outdoors at night as you casually hear the cricket going through it

love is in the vibration of a touch from a hand let the reader truly understand

One hand to hold a heart will mend with whom the one we come to depend

love is in the midnight hour in the hour of power we you take a nice hot shower

love is candy toward a toddler when they only have a dollar stretch it further

onto the vast expanse betwixt space and time it is no variance of the truth nor that of a lie

stroll humbly into the park as you mark the lonely day in jest to sweat with bat & ball

we can carry a song in our hearts as we light the inner spark to what we need to know

love has gained it also has lost humanities heaviest of cost

it's found in the grandmothers eyes at her surprise when they throw her a party

love is found in empathy or in its lasting humble state of sullen brevity

out of every circumstance we will learn to take part in the dance

to cherish a red rose that was plucked a time before

one hand to hold a heart will mend

when will we ever live to understand

filled with adorable eyes basking in a sweet surprise

looks through and past all those vain little lies

outside is quick sand in their approach you see

falling apart at the very seams they live and settle in the make believe

yet what are they most willing to achieve

when both of us willingly agree

the sweet elegance of its portion of a little vested homily


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