Black Poetry : One dude with an educated mind

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    One dude with an educated mind

    Seem to be devastated by rhymes

    He concentrated and levitated Behind

    Closed doors, and duck the hands of crime

    Started to rap and adapt but his most concern

    Was havng to entertain the thought of a host of firms

    On all paid jobs parade as slobs trying to discover minds

    By loud talking back and forth and using rubber rhymes

    that bounce like balls and pounce on walls and try

    Buy time in the rap game, also quick with plenty hydraulics

    Brakes and transmissions plus I eat thick seimi-solid

    Made from curdled milk hurdle silk get wet yogurt

    At my house a stranger aroused to danger so I flow alert

    the rap laws I try Obey, a girl’s romance is smooth

    like dance moves wanna chance to improve

    my dim groove would add much to my love boo

    so girlfriend then we can go to the club and do

    some other stuff that soothe our emotions, boo my heart buttered

    with dark colored

    love and vibes

    Let me rub your thighs

    I’m not a scrub that lies

    love girls of all tribes

    You a creative dame

    with a native name

    it would be ablative and lame

    Not to love you, girl your silk is great

    got a milk shake

    and I came For your dairy queen

    it’s very extreme want your hot ice cream

    one Scoop with nuts

    this troop tears it up,

    a nice breast dame

    no stress or pain

    starting to mess with my brain I’m drained

    of pride best forget this,

    just one wet kiss

    could send me over the edge for real

    express and agrre

    this is a test for me jest bless to see

    the deal boo you a true queen

    with a cuisine

    that’s lacy and tasty reveal my feeling

    then deal with the healing