Black Poetry : One dude’s flowing scriptures would paint glowing pictures and

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    One dude’s flowing scriptures would paint glowing pictures and

    Do damage with rhymes had to use a bandage and iodine to patch

    Wounds then dispatch tunes that melt microphone new stuff hatched

    Like chicken eggs kicking the ledge of insanity wow this is a mismatch

    would paint young chapters as a saint among rappers scatter ashes

    About as a matter of doubt even trees has leaves they all clashes

    With the tricks up his sleeve quick to receive compensation through

    Domination usally holding conversations with chicks out of the blue

    Clowns clutter microphones got a pound of butter at home all true

    But a meeting took place at the library bookcase saw a girl became

    Hooked on lace his mind on a brisk trip wanted to kiss her lips of flame

    Stared at the hips of this dame wanted to listen to a tune mellow in a room

    Yellow with rainbows and clouds thunder between the sheets her perfume

    And cream so sweet inspired by her beauty he desired this cutie real bad

    With swag extreme while reading a magazine with plans great and mad

    Solid like a landscape

    As a cowboy travel with a wagon train but met some dragons with

    Flames, whack attacks are carried out can barely see through swift

    Smoke to me and my crew a joke because we tote tech nine to correct

    Their minds, desire to kill, fire at will like a host of firms we check

    Research and respect touch triggers and figures we can’t miss someday

    They may paint this scene, right now on a mean call of duty in a dumb way

    To live rather stay at the crib this frequent event favors nobody like a labor

    Party we have work to do, wearing a dewrag but our true flag is just tailer

    Made a banner in purple silk and our bandanas Urkel built himself a mailer

    Of letters dealing with Family Matters, now in a divine mood to be blind

    Is rude now time for food eat semi-solid like yogurt concentration time

    And time again how do our kind win against these winged creatures? must

    Cling to teachers for information plot renown jot down notes think win got

    an ink pen in my pocket fighting mad with a writing pad I try to dot

    all my I’s and cross all my T’s try be nice today maybe too high a price

    to pay dragons are destructive lock and load my glock can’t die twice

    these dragons ready to fry rice
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    keep flowing