Black Poetry : Once,Twice,Three Times

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
My momma always told me
If you don't get it right the first time
Try harder again
Do the best you can every time
And then try some more again

So I did exactly
What she told me
And seems endlessly going around

Infinite she never told me
Would make itself known

Never knew your gentle spirit
Unit you told me yesterday

Never knew that you still had feelings for me
Until you you asked me
If I felt the same

I tried so hard
To look for you
And I couldn't find you

Until I did
I promise to try not to keep anything from you
Or stay away for as long as I did

You said you love me
I'll never forget
You said in a way
That you needed me

That you couldn't forget
The past and you are now my present tense
My future, like in a story

I write to you
Of love once again
And I journey through
What I thought was a sin
To know you
Is to know love
Once,Twice,and Three times again

Desert Storm

Desert Storm
you i would never wrong
thank your mom and dad you was born
sing you a song

i don't know
where do i go from here
i don't care
i just wanted to show i was up in here

checking your flow
and feeling the vibe
you live
west coast Westsideeee!

Lovely fam

Lovely fam
We've got mo thugs
And honey trickling down this mug

We've got infinite
And rythmes to chime in da beats

We've got consistant flow
Always and forever and another day

We've got everlasting

Like the greates hits
We get so emotional
Till it's like a flow

And recooperating
From this magical rain,sunshine,thunderstorm

We're above the norm

Lovely fam

WE got talent
Pouring out the pages

Quenching the thirst of love
And struggles,pride,and self acceptance,religion,race,ethnicity
Diversity,skin color,sexuality,passionate fruits

Blossoms bloom
From our seed of youth

And we live life to the fullest
And breathe fresh air
We new that we could do it

And do it
So we did

So to all my lovely fam
Feel me now
Destee fam
Keepin hope alive
Just like you know how

Enough to set one's heart a flame
Burning out of sincerity
And lingering just the same

Expressions of equality
So much quality
So much time and effort
Was put
Taking care
WE are so proud
And proud we should!
Be to be ourselves
And the Destee/Afro family!

Desert Storm


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