Poetry Discussion : Once Stress Is Blown Out

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    You are able to inhale the serenity once before...see in my pourahtree comes a budding period which is the struggle to search fore the necessary nutrients from top to bottom in order to bloom or move up another notch of a branch from a trunk. I speak in struggling rhythm then it happens...the bloom.

    Every vegetation goes through a stressful period to become what it has never become though having all of the success stored within it's memory banks called the seed. The seed is the same as the baby it needs protection, care, watch, and nurturing basically. It doesn't need our input on how to grow up cause it already has the programming given to it by the roots of it all.

    So i grow everyday in search fore a higher reaching shedding necessary weight of hatred to be the full potential of completion slowly with virtue patience teaches how one should rise and my best friend in the whole wide world is the tree from different aspects.


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