Black Short Stories : On the Phone Part 3 of 3 all praises are due

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    All praises are dueON THE PHONE Part 3 of 3

    God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign

    No more water, the fire next time! J. Baldwin

    (This is the last in the series of serious information dealing with the Torah, New Covenant and the Koran. The Green phone from Chicago is no longer picking up. They said the time is too late and that the destruction was at hand. Meanwhile we go back 3 days prior to California where Cooldre visits Evonea and her husband Jehu Silverberg. All good things come in three).

    When you hear the phone ring and see it glow

    Pick it up and we can say hello

    Jehu: You must go back and continue to talk with the people in Chicago who continue this reckless war with the Jews. One demon head has infected many bodies. That same demon head can be used to bring harmony and co-existence of different ethnic groups and religions.

    Evonea: Yes he can be a Black cloud or a rainbow

    Cooldre: the problem is he thinks he can be both.

    Jehu: You know what you must do.

    Cooldre: Get to the focal point.

    Evonea: And slam reality right in his face

    Jehu: We were on the verge of using Malcolm X until they gunned him down.

    Cooldre: Malcolm knew the Jew wasn’t the enemy. He had a friend named Hymie before he went to prison. Malcolm worked for Hymie the Jew: “Hymie really liked me, and I liked him”. I read some of their conversations: “Red , I’m a Jew and you’re black”, he would say. “These Gentiles don’t like either one of us. If the Jew wasn’t smarter than the Gentile, he’d get treated worse than your people”. Unfortunately, after Red went to prison he thought he was being exploited by everybody white including the Jew.

    Evonea: So a whole tribe of people will perish or be enslaved for a lack of knowledge. Wisdom is power. Without wisdom we make mistakes and enter into the wrong door.

    Cooldre: Well my uncle Tennessee Red, who was a Scottish Rite freemason, taught me a thing or two. For one the Masons study all the three big religions of the world of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Torah misunderstood God, the Bible distorted it and Islam is a combination of the other three. Before he died with one eye open he gave me some letters.

    Evonea: Before we read some of those letters tell me a little more about Tenn Red as a person. I’m teaching a class on music and we are focusing on the late great Cab Calloway.

    Cooldre: okay but just briefly because we must get back to Wisdom. If you got back into the 1940’s Cab and Tenn red looked like brothers. He once told me when they went to parties they copied Cab by saying “Hi-de-ho” which evolved with the singers/rappers saying: “everybody in the house say “Ho”. After he died I bumped into a 1947 film starring Cab by the same calling card of “Hi-de-ho”. I thought what a treat it would have been to burn that movie and show it to Tenn Red. At the time the film was made he would have been 32.

    Jehu: allow me to read one of red’s letters.

    Wisdom: Baphomet

    The Knights Templars changed their name to Scottish Rite Freemasons. We both look up to Baphomet. The word isn’t a corruption of the name Muhammad. It’s a corruption of the Arabic abufihamet or Bufihimat meaning father of understanding/Wisdom. These were some of the false chargers the Catholic laid upon us because kings and popes owed us money and usury charges we had a key in advancing. We would never worship a man who forced women to marry him or was against interest rates. I was a loan shark and the brotherhood allowed me to conduct business under the radar.

    We liked Islam because it gave clues to the creation of Christianity our brotherhood branch the sons of the suns or flames created under Vesppian, Titus and Domitian. Saying that we worship Baphomet would be as ridiculous as saying President Obama’s nickname of Barry is somehow linked with Barati, the Phoenician goddess.

    An Alexandrian scholar Basilides wrote between 120AD-130AD claimed that the Crucifixion of Jesus was bogus. Jesus didn’t die on the cross and that a substitute of Simon of Cyrene (North Africa) took his place instead. The Koran says the same precise thing but leaves him unnamed. The Koran also says that the Time and place of events in the OT and NT were distorted.

    If you read the NT and Josephus book on War of the Jews we have a Simon who is captured and both have the name of a Rufus, an Egyptian working for Titus army. The problem is one has it occurring in the 30’s and the other in the late 60’s.

    We do not worship Lucifer either. Lucifer just means Light bringer or bearer like the Statue of Liberty the French mason’s created. The Statue looks like it’s in dual form of woman/man because our god of crafts Ptah creates in two forms of mother/father.

    Evonea: So Lucifer is like an angel of light being able to transform. Yes just like the morning star you call Venus. Now Venus can’t be Good/Evil at the same time.

    Cooldre: Paul was trying to demonize other Christians who knew the truth. In Revelations Jesus is called the Morning star/Lucifer. Now Venus is closer than any other planet. We have never been able to see her surface because it is perpetually hidden in a thick mantle of clouds. Clouds are excellent reflectors of sunlight. When she is on the far side of the sun from earth we see a full Venus. At other times the dark part of Venus may be seen shining dimly in much the same way as does the crescent moon. This may be the Angel of Light that transforms.

    Jehu: Some Simon of Cyrene was Jewish

    Cooldre: Yes and he was Black. Titus not Jesus called him Satan because he was rebelling against Rome. Yes if you read J.A Rogers book Nature knows no Color-line p.106. We see the European coat of arms with a jet Black Peter the so-called founder of the Catholic Church.

    Jehu: Is this why the Jews said JA Rogers was anti-Semitic

    Evonea: Yes and for some other reasons.

    Cooldre: So this black peter fought Rome and was forced to ordain Flavius Clement who took over the catholic/mitharic church. There was no 2nd Pope of Linus or 3rd Pope of Anakletus. They inserted those two because they didn’t want to show a direct link between the cousins of Titus with that of the Catholic Church.

    Jehu: I thought Simon was Hebrew but it’s an Egyptian name relating to sub-nose or musician. Well Jacob had a son name Simon and Aaron had a grandson name Phinehas (Nubian/black)

    Cooldre: Well the Romans believed that the Jews came from Ethiopia just like the Egyptians claimed their origins.

    Evonea: So why do the white Jews in 2013 treat the Ethiopian black Jews like dogs. All the Ethiopian black Jews who wish to come to Israel must be sterilized. They don’t want to be outnumbered by black Jews or Palestine Jews who were deported along with their offspring. So it’s about race and politics just like the color of Jesus.

    Cooldre: No not really

    Evonea: Well what do you mean if Jesus substitute was black than Jesus was black.

    Cooldre: No Jesus is just a composite figure of all the many Jesus’s in Josephus War of the Jews. There is a Jesus who Josephus recommends death then he goes to Supper. Titus couldn’t get the Jews to worship him in his name so he had to worship/honor him in Jesus name. He also emerged himself as Eleazar/Lazarus a child eaten during the war as the Eucharist ritual of the Egyptian Ausar-Osiris and Mithraism ceremonies. Instead of the Pike fish eating Osiris penus in the Nile River he has the Kite/Fish-Jews eating it. It was dark comedy. Just go and read Caesar’s Messiah by Josephus Atwill and see Jesus ministry as a parody of Titus campaign.


    This is the story of Isaac who is symbolic of Osiris. He was bound to an altar for the purpose of becoming a burnt sacrifice. Abraham approached carrying both fire and a knife. Prior to setting the wood (cross) aflame, Abraham was ready to slay Isaac. (note, also that in traditional Jewish slaughter one slits the throat, in effect separating head from body). God stopped Abraham’s act at the last moment, suddenly a ram appeared (As a substitute like Simon of Cyrene) and Abraham placed the ram in the fire. In sum, Isaac, like Osiris and the deceased Egyptian kings in imitation of Osiris, was about to have his head severed from his body and his body passed through the fire.

    The sacrifice of Isaac was derived from a ritual reenactment of Egyptian funerary services which identified the deceased with Osiris. One of the most sacred animals in ancient Egypt was the ram which was the ba/soul of Osiris. After death the ba of the deceased visits the tomb where the body lay. In the Isaac story, the Ram, Osiris ba, appears at the altar where the deceased is laid out. As the soul of Isaac (Osiris), it replaces (substitutes) Isaac on the funeral pyre..

    So Mark creates several different comic parallels in order to present Jesus as a replacement for Isaac. What was the second question?

    You have just described how the baptism story in Mark’s Gospel was re-written as a sort of parody of the Akedah. Many Jews will want to know whether the account of the crucifixion of Jesus was also created as a literary parallel to the Akedah?

    Again there is nothing about the Akedah in the first edition of the story in Matthew. But when Mark did his rewriting of Matthew’s crucifixion story yes he added in elements of the Akedah into the crucifixion story as well. But he did so in a very subtle way that also adds in Roman anti-semitic humour.

    In Torah Isaac of course had two sons, Esau the red haired, and Jacob who was Israel the soldier of God. You remember how Isaac carries the wood to the altar. In Matthew’s crucifixion account there was a man who carried the wood of the cross—who is called Simon of Cyrene. So this act of carrying wood makes Simon a bit like Isaac.

    The author of Mark then makes him even more like Isaac, by giving him a son Rufus the red haired and Alexander which means ‘protector of mankind’. Its in Mark 15;21 War of the Jews 7:2 . This is just Roman humor since these are the names of two Roman generals. During the Jewish War Rufus was the Roman general who helped crucify the true Jewish messiah and Tiberius Alexander was the other general who crucified the sons of the freedom fighter Judas.

    So the Roman generals who crucified the Jews are being given cameo appearances in this epic as Esau and Jacob-Israel. Instead of featuring Israel the soldier of God the gospel features Tiberius Alexander the Roman general who was known for slaughtering Jews in Alexandria. The Romans thought this hillariously funny. That is why the Gospels are the most anti-Semitic documents ever written.

    Then a generation after the gospels were written a whole secondary literature of commentaries sprung up like the Epistle of Barnabas written which tried to spell out the message and claimed that in the crucifixion, Jesus offered “the vessel of his spirit as a sacrifice for our sins, in order that the type established in Isaac, who was offered upon the altar, might be fulfilled”.

    Jehu: So how was the Egyptians linked with the Knights Templar’s and Scottish Rite Masons

    Cooldre: Well my Uncle Tenn Red in a letter:

    “The Scots, in their earliest chronicles claim descent from the Egyptians. The Scots derived their origin from Gaythelos, son of Neolus, king of Greece, who went to Egypt in the days of Moses, where he married Scota, daughter of Pharaoh, king of Egypt. When the Knights Templar had no refuge except in Scotland they went there to help King Bruce fight. After this they changed their name to Scottish Rite Freemasons. They also have other names too. The Masons see their religion as Egyptian, their signs as hieroglyphs, and their lodges as Egyptian temples and themselves as Egyptian priesthood. The illuminati want a return to the natural and pure original religion of Egypt from the debris of which all others had been created.

    Evonea: I don’t see how this will get Chicago to pick up the green phone and listen to anything you got to say anymore.

    Cooldre: Well I had to lay a foundation to talk about Noah. In his Time life series he quotes from Luke 17 talking about the Son of man coming like Noah coming to save/destroy the Jews and those who associate themselves with them. This is another error of the Time/place the Koran talks about. Noah’s flood was in part about the Nile flood in duration and height and creating 8 gods souls from it. If it’s all fiction then the green phone can pick up and call off the hostility.

    Jehu: Did Tenn Red talk about this too.

    Cooldre: Yes:


    Was the Nile Flood the inspiration of Noah’s flood? Well both had the same height of 15 cubits and 8 souls were born or 8 save to repopulate the earth. Yesterday I was re-reading Diodorus narrative on Egypt and bumped into some more serious clues. Before I quote him I will give a passage in the bible taken from Greeks myths derived from Egyptian myths:

    Luke 17:26-37

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed.

    31 In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods are in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise the one who is in the field let him not turn back. 32 Remember Lot’s wife. 33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. 34 I tell you, in that night there will be two men in one bed: the one will be taken and the other will be left. 35 Two women will be grinding together: the one will be taken and the other left. 36 Two men will be in the field: the one will be taken and the other left.”[a]

    37 And they answered and said to Him, “Where, Lord?”

    So He said to them, “Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.”

    7. Luke 17 relates Noah’s flood to an Eagle. Diodorus Book 1:19 reports “While Osiris and his army were thus employed, the Nile, they say at the time of the rising of Sirius (summer solstice, Sun at greatest height, birthday of Horus), which is the season when the river is usually at flood, breaking out its banks inundated a large section of Egypt and covered especially that part where Prometheus was governor; and since practically everything in this district was destroyed, Prometheus was so grieved that he was on point of quitting life willfully. Because its waters sweeps down so swiftly and with such violence the river was given the name Aetus (Eagle)... Consequently certain of the Greek poets worked the incident into a myth, to the effect that Heracles had killed the Eagle which was devouring the Liver of Prometheus”. This is yet again more links of the Nile flood with Noah’s flood.

    Now we know what Jesus was talking about Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. A crystal clear reference to Prometheus who wanted to quit his life. Prometheus was original from Egypt but migrated to Europe.

    We know that the masons celebrate this day as St John’s day (summer solstice by placing fire on top of a mountain/pyramid/housetop. This is when Nile floods its black soil on the banks making piles of mud resembling mountains. Ptah then puts the sun on top of the mountain.


    Ptah found a tree on a mountain been struck by lightning/fire and forest was ablaze (Diodorus 1:13).

    Prometheus makes men from clay just like Ptah does.

    Evonea: I get it now. Titus, the real son of man came like Noah and killed the Jews with the symbol of the Roman Army, the Eagle. After he finished killing the Jews the Eagle takes Titus up to heaven in the clouds where he plays his favorite music instrument the harp. Then when we get to Revelations another comes like the son of man which is Titus successor Domitian who was red in completion just like the Red dragon. Well you know I teach music and I leaned Martin L King was taught the Violin and piano and so did his wife. In these days I prefer to hear his music than that violin in Chicago.

    Jehu: Do you have any more information proving Noah’s flood was the Nile’s flood?

    Cooldre: Yes I do and I will end it there


    The flood story is a blend of Babylonian and Egyptian flood stories. The plagiarist was well acquainted with the Egyptian source. The person had to have lived in Egypt and knew the conditions and dates of the rise and fall of the Nile to adopt the Bibibilcal narrative. The climatic conditions of Babylonia or Palestine couldn’t have been on the mind of the author of the flood story. It had to be Egypt.

    1. The Sothis/Sirius star signified pregnancy and the bringer of water. The star was associated with Isis and nicknamed the Dogstar because when it rose/barked it gave warning that the Nile would flood for 120 days . Isis gives birth a trinity/triple and to the elements Horus as air, Osiris as earth/water fire comes up on top as Atum/Adam the image/likeness of light (1John 1:4 & Genesis 1:3)

    All stars/angels are in Egypt called imperishable spirits before St Paul knew (1 Corinthians 15:41-54).

    2. Nun (Nile or Noah) gives birth to 8 gods. All births take place when Nile water overflows and spills black mud on land see (Genesis 2:4-7)

    3. All souls that are saved travel in a boat/ark in heaven. The most important story of the flood is the Ark which is an Egyptian word Tebd for box-ship of an Egyptian barge. Why did the Hebrew writers conceive/envision the Ark as an Egyptian ship?

    4. Herodotus 2:13 , Plutarch and Strabo all report a good Nile flood of 15 cubits high would save Egyptians from death/starvation. Under Roman Emperor Trajan struck a coin to attest Nile height of 16 cubits, under Julian 15 Cubits. Under Pharaoh Taharka (690BC) record inundation of 21 cubits. Under Sesser’s (1715BC) records average height of Nile flood as 15 cubits coincides with Genesis 7:20 heights. Caliph Suleiman recorded with nileometer 15 cubits and 2/3 in 715AD.

    5. Sirius star is invisible for 70 days. Mummification last for 70 days to be symbolic of this event. Afterwards resurrection. Three stars/kings in Orion can be aligned to point to the Sirius star (Isis). In Matthew we have the three magi kings looking for the Eastern star (Sirius) and Jesus.

    6. An Egyptian boat of Thutmosis III has a cabin door at the left side, and two openings beneath the roof, exactly as in Noah’s Ark.

    7. A House of ancient Egypt showing the same architecture as a boat with the door at the side and opening beneath the roof. This made Jesus analogy of being saved like Noah at the top of a house roof in Luke 17. See Genesis 6:14 having a Zohar (Hallon for Egypt skylight characteristic of Egyptian houses and temples. Fixing the door at the side of ark Genesis 6:16 is characteristic of Egyptian architecture.

    8. Genesis 6:14 Kinnzm is used for “rooms make in the ark” is wrong translation of Egyptian Keniyyu mean “Fibre-tight make the Ark” a specific Egyptian carpentry technique for boats.

    9. The flood was a rainstorm (Babylonian) and flood (Egyptian) coming from earth like an inundation. Flood (Mabbul) relates to Egyptian HuHu and no expression in Babylon but of rainfall.


    When Jimmy talked to Chicago way back in the 1960’s he had no idea about the real Noah’s Time. So He wasn’t able to correct them like they should be. They are waiting on initiating a holy war based on Roman wars of wanting to exterminate people.

    How long, how long, how long

    Before we can all get along?

    We didn’t come on the same ship together

    Does this prevent us from living under the same weather?

    But when all is over said and done manhood refuses to let me cry, you know

    And I Don’t want to say goodbye before we every said hello (phone is ringing)


    Basilides was a Syrian gnostic philosopher who founded a sect in Alexandria. He claimed Simon Cyrene replaced Jesus on the cross. The Koran charges Christians with distorting the Time & place of events in history. Muslim commentary follows Basilides saying Simon was substitute of Jesus on cross. The Hadith speaks of Muhmmad advising followers to learn the writings of people from Syria. The great historian Edward Gibbion wrote The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Gibbion said: “the enemies of Muhmmad have named the jew, The Persian and the Syrian Monk, whom they accuse of lending their secret aid to the composition of the Koran”.

    In book 4:186 of Herodotus he reports the Cyrene women in respect to Isis refuse to eat pig or the scared heifer.

    Josephus records in the War of the Jews Book 7; 2: 1of two Rufus who capture two Jewish rebels one Elezar and a Simon. Compare with Mark 15:21

    After re-reading The Vanished Library by Luciano Canfora more optimized and enhanced ideas about the substitute Jesus being placed on the cross. The “Moslem Gospel of Barnabas contains a variant account of the crucifixion, with Judas crucified in Christ place. This version accords with the statement in the Koran 4;156-157”. The Gospel of Barnabas is no joke. For example: it got it right that the pun name of Joseph of Arimathea was Josephus Bar Matthias. Judas Iscariot is symbolic of Satan and would be associated with the *** (Donkey) snake, fox, the wolf and others. I’m concerned with the *** (Donkey) because the name Set in Egypt is the origin of Set-hen or Satan in the Bible. It appears that Iscariot is in part a pun on “Issachar (Iscariot) a rawboned donkey lying down between two saddlebags…he will bend his shoulder to the burden” (Genesis 49: 14-15). I wonder in Matthew if the two disciples who go get two ***** (Matthew 21: 1-7) are symbolic of the two composite Simon Peter’s who are called Satan and take up the cross on their shoulders see (Luke 23:26 & Matthew 16:22-25). As a side note we recall Titus father was a mule trader with the nickname “mule driver”.We know that Jesus was based in part on the Egyptian Horus who battles his twin brother Set who is sometimes represented ***-headed god, crucified and wounded in the side” The Christ Conspiracy By Acharya S p.198. the Gnostic Christians said jesus didn’t appear because he didn’t take on human flesh. These gnostics came to be known as docetics (from dokeo, appear). The Koran apparently was influenced this when they said “They killed him not nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear” (Koran 4;157).The Flavian Christians knew that Jesus was in part a parody of Titus military campaign so they called them anti-chirist who said jesus (Titus) didn’t appear in the flesh. In part to knock the docetics off their square the NT said: grace was given us in Christ jesus before the beginning of time, but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our savior, Christ jesus..through the gospel (Titus military victory)(2 Timothy 1:10). The word Gospel means good news of military victory. So all the references to appearing in the flesh means Titus. It’s a bitter pill but it’s the truth.