Black Poetry : On the Front Porch (apologize I ran out of gas with this one)


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Apr 1, 2001
On the Front Porch (apologize I ran out of gas with this one)

Met a romantic cute demonstrator he was like organic
Root stimulator a creator of growth, ready to sink my titanic
In an ocean of cocky juice if he twist unzip and kiss my lips then grips
My small waist juicy coo-chee all taste the same so men takes brisk sips
Used a legit approach as we sit on the porch like flower pots
MADD for an hour he plot to stick **** into my slick box
Had quick hots down there a lots, coochee itch like the chicken pox
We kissed quick and clever lips stick together like love bugs
In Florida, dressed in purple silk lace as his arm encircle my waist
Like Urkel want to taste my family matter he jest got my tongue so ace
I was in his sprung embrace MADD he ask for some he told me
He didn’t want to cum hand under my dress thunder stress oh he
Jest boss fiddle with soft middle juice was so loose panties stuck
To it “boo quit” “naw girl your stuff good” like candies he suck
My witty *****, as the panty wetting lingered getting fingered good
Oh boo you a thug true and I love you really bling hard in the hood
MADD I tried to leave the place but he squeezed my waist
Pulled me to his lap, this rap started I sit hot on his legit black hard ****
Seem the backyard rock seem the grass bounced as my *** pounced a lot
On his knee I was diz-zee and weak he was busy and sweet my legs spread
Almost beg for bed


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