Black Poetry : ON POINT

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    These rhyme cause fury and friction in your jurisdiction
    Wild infidel a trial will be held put cats on restriction
    Life stay a threat if you don’t pay your debt in the hood
    A scene of action needs extreme satisfaction not good
    With fractions a mad thug whack can’t add or subtract
    And sad love acts on my brain like cocaine and crack
    Like wings my stats fly first to satisfy my thirst has to
    Drink sprite to think right it fizz in the glass, I grab a crew
    And become a wiz fast, remain aggressive each day with
    An impressive display, rhyme deft and align myself swift
    With a group of rappers and we come troops in chapters
    Of HIP HOP, intended target been on the carpet grafters
    At the tiptop try sculpture my HIP HOP culture no protection
    Tonight need affection to guide me in right direction
    My menu brisk and continue to exist and be valid
    See salad at KFC the music plays a ballad for me mallet
    In the backseat of the car a whack beat bizarre on
    I-HEART radio it seem to lube my interior but strong
    Prove superior in HIP HOP, look need a female today
    Heavy like a bale of hay we’ll sail away and jest play
    Love on board a ship, so love me tender with an agenda
    Of things to do, write a song and sing it true boo, a blender
    Can make us drinks, we kiss huff and puff got a list of stuff
    Available for the bedroom, try be planner really had enough
    As bystander