Black Poetry : On A Love Cloud


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Jul 26, 2004
Come walk with me hand in hand,
Come hold me and be my man.
Express yourself with words as only you can say,
We then can be together forever plus a day.

Whisper all the feelings that you’re too afraid to tell.
Share your affections and on a love cloud we’ll sail.
Through the Land of Unbelief and across the City of Good and Plenty,
We sail on our love cloud,
Memories, we make many.

In all things accomplished we want success,
So we give everything we have to receive the best.

What if we don’t work out?
What if we fail?
What if never lived long enough to tell a tale.

What if? lost its faith along the way.
What if? never got to wonder…maybe… I hope… it could happen …one day.
So don’t think what if?
Because it may cause you to think about what could have been,
And then you start asking yourself “ remember when?”

So come sail with me on our love cloud as far as we can go,
Our feelings will be just between us no one else has to know.


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