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    it’ll be a thrilla to become a killa of a gorilla think King Kong lets rumble
    shot gun shells my job is dominated not too involved or complicated just
    shoot some food for the table rude not to be able to find a deer that’s a must
    mosquitos swarm my mind not affected time to be protected by my shot gun
    as a hunter departing as a soldier but starting over is out the question not fun
    no doubt aggression has become my friend can’t mess with Sasquash dude
    got big feet I felt good inside stood with pride and sat with my dog his attitude
    is to bark to warn me I was born free to hunt adorn by what I see like Scroodge
    no Christmas in this, hope my luck great bought some duct tape to tie deer
    legs, tried to be great but applied the brakes on life stuff stopped now here
    hunting food instead of buying it still trying to git ahead it appear hunting
    not designed to amuse you can become blind and confused out fronting
    in these woods I been here too long no true song for failure the paraphanalia
    has played the **** out said words and stare then observed with care hoping
    a deer or wabbit pass beans alone don’t make a good meal so I’m coping
    these woods could heal my open hunger and make me stronger going to work
    wow I heard wings flap could that be a turkey for Thanksgiving? Yep there
    in the tree fired shots desired a hot meal it fell to the ground felt renowned care
    must be taken serious oh **** it’s a **** buzzard WTF can’t eat this rascal
    my gun barrel smoking you got to be joking can’t go home this is a hassle
    pet dog on the head “good boy now go find some quail” my mind had failed
    on this buzzard, wow I heard foot stomps looked at the swamps saw a tail
    could be a deer up in here my shot gun loaded with buck shots my luck hot
    but need to load it with slugs the only way to bring a deer down wow lot
    of stuff on my mind broke down my gun barrel reloaded with slugs waited
    for action celebrated attraction about to unfold Davy Crockette is related
    to me he killed a bear when he was three so that’s how I be somewhat hated
    by hunter when I’m a stunner carrying a deer