Black People : ON A HORIZON

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    On a horizon, unknown at this time.
    A man of my nation.
    Stands out of the line.
    He has hair like mine.
    He could be of my race. The dream is blurry. I can't see his face.
    All I know is he knows more than he is ever given credit for.
    He is often tortured because he speaks the truth.
    His eyes and his history wear heavy on his brow. He starts to speak.
    But everyone covers their ears. The truth spews forth.

    Like a river never changing it's current. The words rage most of the time.
    Sometime they flow in the intellect of the deaf ones. Words of this man.
    Falling on dead souls. Those that refuse to believe and yet know.
    He is only telling them the truth. No body wants to hear him.

    One from the crowd shouts. Another follows suit. Soon the crowd all turn and say " We must pin him down. Shut him up. He must not rise to a position where the world could hear him exclaim. "

    " He is like a mirror. He knows all of our sins.
    He will make us reflect for days, weeks and century's.
    Never could I return to my ways of wrong doing.
    Don't get to know him.
    He has a influence, a creative gesture that makes him hard to ignore. "

    :fyi: He is President Today!
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