Chief Elder Osiris : On A Crusade Against The Evil That Haunt The Mind Of Black People

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    On A Crusade Against The Evil That Haunt The Mind Of Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know beloved, when you are knowingly sure of that which is Divinely True and Real and you are impelled to do that which is unpopular among the people you know about and Divinely Love, which is to share with those people that which is Divinely True about what it is that has an entire nation to be wrapped up in a bundle of Mental confusion, and that confusion serve as a caste that hold the Mind in place that is full of lies and deception.

    Beloved, it be those principles that are responsible for the present physical and mental condition of a people who today do not know who they are and is easily taken advantage of by having those people to believe in a God that has been created by Lucifer himself, he being the great liar, deceiver, and oppressors of the Divine Being who now turned to be the Black Afrikan Human Being.

    The Divine thing that has been revealed to me is that when sharing the Divine Truth about anything used to Dumbfound Black people, you must not embark upon such a crusade against such evil using a Mind that is Timid and is out to win favor with the confused and oppressed.

    Because you must see, it is such a mind that has been made to become an enemy to the Divine truth, a Truth that reveal the Evil that haunt the mind of Black people today, and such an evil, Black people have been made to embrace and defend, as it rip the mind of Black people away from its Divine Status in the Body Life of Black so call Afrikan People.

    Yes, I am on a crusade against the Evil that Haunt the Mind of a once Divine Being, because I have been given to know, with such a people as Black people, you who carry the Divine seed of Knowing and Understanding, unless your Mind is Freed, then the way of life of the Black present Afrikan Divided Nation, remain upon the Mental path it has been placed upon by the Prince the Devil, the angle Satan, and the King Lucifer, the all of such evil spirit being one and the same, as they attack the mind of Black so call Afrikan People.

    So, what is this evil that haunt the Mind of Black people so ferociously, well it is Lucifer Religion, a weapon created by Lucifer for the expressed purpose to put away once and for all, the Divine mind of a Divine Being with the capability to defeat the works of Lucifer, the work that paralyze the Mind of an entire Black once Divine Nation, the one that introduced a Universal Civilization to this planet Earth.

    Beloved, here is where the Black scholars error, when attempting to reveal the evil in Lucifer Religion, first of all those Black scholars attempt to preserve the institution of Religion, implying it to be a worthy concept for Black people to embrace.

    You must see beloved, you can not Divinely condemn Religion by attempting to take it through some form of conversion, implying that religion as a nucleus is appropriate for Black people, it is just its branches that has been made to be false and evil, not so beloved, all religion is deceiving to Black people, because of the fact that you once carried a divine Mind, which you must reclaim in order for Afrika and the Black Afrikan to become free and divine thinking Beings again.

    Yes, it is so beloved, if Black people desire to become as we once were before the coming of Lucifer and his Religion, then Religion in must be condemned, because it is the cancer that eats at the Mind of Black people, and is the cause why Black people are as we are today, which is a condition not to be proud of, not by a Divine Thinking Black being.

    You can not defeat a Lie with a Lie, and Religion is a Lie to the Mind of Black People, because the Mind proper of black people, do not have an origin in Religion, regardless of what the famous Black scholars says in their attempt to justify Religion as a base of Mental operation for Black people, a people who once were Divine acting Beings upon this planet, because it is Divinity out of which we were born in the universe.

    The Black Nation of an Ethnic race will not ever experience the quality of mental freedom that is common to the Divine mind of Black People, not until the evil of Religion is erased from the mind of Black people.

    So yes, even if only me alone, I must wage this crusade against the evil that has the mind of Black people bounded, bounded to the point that we no longer can see ourselves when we once were Divinely Black Beings of a people, a people who did not originate upon this planet , but within a far away Galaxy in the Universe, which serve as proof that the quality of mind our Cosmic Divine Ancient Primitive Way Ancestors was in possession of, was a mind qualified to chart the universe, a Mind that was not religious, but was Divine.

    So, when in possession of Divine information, that which have you to be qualified to know who you are, and you are Black and Descendant of such a Divinity, then in no way are you allowed to sit around an play with religion, trying to bend such a lying weapon to make it fit into the presence of the Black Divine Being Mind.

    No beloved, you must not attempt to justify religion in any way, nor for any cause, if so, then you become a party to the Haunting of the Mind of Black so call Afrikan People, thus making you to become an enemy unto your self.

    My crusade is to reveal unrelenting, the Evil that is an ingrain of Religion, making All Religion To Be Of Lucifer Creation.

    Therefore, in order for Black people to become free and Divine again, Religion must be purged from the Human Being mind we now wear, and we must replace such a Mind method of believe, with the Divine Mind method of knowing What the Divine Essence is, The meaning and purpose of both Universe, and must regain Knowledge of ourselves, knowing that such a Trinity constitute the Divine truth which The Divine Essence Intelligence is the verifier of all things Physical and nonphysical.

    You see beloved, when you are on a crusade against the Evil that Haunt the mind of Black People, you must take no thought about who it will reveal to be an angle of Lucifer, the Life and preservation of an entirely Black Nation is at stake.

    So the so call profane created buddy, buddy system among Religious believers, are not to be allowed for you to speak softly against that which haunt the mind of Black people, and was and is used now, to bring down a once Divine Black Nation, and to keep us ignorant of Thyself, concerning Black people, today.

    Beloved, there has always been a war going, on led by Lucifer against your Divine mind, and it is Lucifer that know the difference in Religion and Divine spirituality, because Lucifer has seen you at the Apex of your Divine mind in action, and the Black Divine mind performance was not hung in a caste of Belief in a fantasy God, but activated freely upon the apex of Divine Knowledge, concerning all that is seen and not seen.

    Such a performance require for you to be qualified Divinely to see that which manifest in you a Divine spirit of action, verified upon the Divine Truth and Reality of the Black Relationship to that which is the Divine Essence Infinite Intelligence of us all, physical and not physical.

    So, not until Religion, the Evil that Haunt the Mind of Black People is defeated, will the Black Nation Rise again in all of your Splendor and Divinity, the Spiritual Garment capable of saving Two Worlds, The Inner Spiritual Black World, And The Outer Physical profane World Of Lucifer, and Lucifer know of This Divine truth, so he does all that is needed to do to keep such a self awareness away from the Divine Mind Of black People, the only worthy foe against Lucifer Religion, the weapon Lucifer Use to Haunt The mind Of Black People, Today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Only Lucifer Angles Are Disapproving Of This Divine Truth, Which I Share With you, Beloved.

    Be kind To Your Self, Beloved, And Join This Crusade To Free Our Divine Mind, Once Again.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]