Black People Politics : Omar to Introduce Resolution Declaring Support for Anti-Israel BDS Movement

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006

Omar to Introduce Resolution Declaring Support for Anti-Israel BDS Movement


Jack Crowe
National Review


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Apr 7, 2013

Omar to Introduce Resolution Declaring Support for Anti-Israel BDS Movement

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Jack Crowe
National Review
Here's a thought: If any nation or person fights against Israel, they are inserting themselves between Jesus Christ and his Covenant people. Is that a place anybody should want to be when the Lord is personally involved, dealing with them, by standing in front of Christ taking over from what a mighty God has planned. Omar elevating herself above God's will to subvert His will?

In Ezekiel 39 it states that the "heathen" anti Christs, shall know that the house of Israel has suffered because of "their iniquity." Not doing what the Lord wants from his own people, respect, acknowledging in Truth who their God is, being rebellious against Him. They trespassed against their own God of their own blood who was born in the flesh into his house of Israel.
Spiritually speaking, all those who are born again are born into the whole house of Israel. Are you a Christian? Are you loyal, obedient to the principles of life in God? Then you are gathered into the House of Israel.

In that prayer where it says, "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, as it is in heaven." What is the name of that Kingdom in heaven? ISRAEL.

Jesus Christ says he will bring the House of Israel out of their suffering after they have paid for those sins. He will gather the Jewish to their own (State) of Israel and further more from their enemies. Then will be his love upon the "whole house of Israel" being also those faithful Christians who did not rebel.

Neither will I hide my face from them, the Jewish people anymore. "I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord." That is coming in these times. The first sign was the established State of Israel for the Jews to gather to.

And when any go to war against the Lord/Israel, "Fury shall come up in my face."


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Apr 7, 2013
Willa please stop this Jew race card BS. They are no better then anybody else on Earth especially in the eyes of our Dear LORD GOD in Heaven. You know, the father of Jesus Christ who the so-called self proclaimed chosen ones nailed to the cross. The Orthodox Jews literally despise Christians as do they despise Muslims "AND" us Blacks who they affectionately call "Swartzas". So let's not go there with that.

Now on to Ilhan Omar. Shame she let a fellow Somali a former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor swing for the questionable shooting death of Justine Damond even when White MPD officers said that whole case stunk. Not one peep from the AOC shill. Hey Ilhan when AOC uses you up like we all know she will, you can slink back to Somalia and sell khat in Mogadishu. Loser.
Have you heard of the Twelve Tribes of Israel? :grouphug::grouphug::icon7::icon7:? You are right. The Lord loves every one.:hearts4: But with Judah he was not well pleased and he scattered them throughout the nations. So while we have politics -- the Lord is King of kings and Presidents. He brings judgement from the beginning of governments with reward or consequences on people and nations. Soooooo, Omar is politicizing the Jews, and therefore I am speaking spiritually (scripturally) regarding them and what the Lord has in mind regarding them. And that is why I speak of these things on this particular political forum.

Therefore, the Tribe of Judah is not a model to be envied. They have been deeply chastised. Finally in the latter days, these times still to come in the near future, the Lord says, "I will gather them. They shall come weeping, and with supplications for forgiveness. This is the new covenant (promise) in the days to come, and they shall write it in their hearts, "I will be their God and they shall be my people." Jeremiah 31: 33. The faithful of all tribes, people, are his people, but the lord had turned his face away from the Tribe of Judah for a time. Now they will be blessed again to build and to plant.

Also Judah's chastisement is and has been a trial to them who have dealt treacherously and oppressed Judah through the years of woeful consequences. "I will punish all that oppress them. Behold, the whirlwind of the LORD goeth forth with fury against these wicked."

Now do we understand where Omar is standing with her anti-Israel BDS? My point being made.


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Jun 14, 2018


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Apr 7, 2013
Hi Willa, yes of course I know exactly where Ilhan Omar is standing. Under AOC's dress sniffing her butt. You think that brainless twit would attack the Jews without permission of boss lady? Let's not forget a great majority of AOC's constituents are Jews so I see a bit of misdirection at play here. As for my rant, it was not directed at you but your "POSSIBLE" supplication of the murderous lying Jews. I could be totally wrong and more so off base with this so please forgive me if such is the case. The Jews feel that Moshiach will bail them out upon his coming anointed with oil but our LORD GOD has other plans. Always a friend and ardent admirer. SOA.
Loved your post. A bit made me laugh.

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