Africa : Omali Ye$hitela's One Africa! One Nation! Tour - Spring 2007

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    Omali Ye$hitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party and leader of the Uhuru Movement will launch a speaking tour in the U.S., Europe and Africa during the Spring of 2007.

    As a fiery speaker on the forefront of every question concerning the liberation and unification of Africa and African people, Ye$hitela will be available to speak at college campuses, bookstores and community events between February and the end of April 2007.

    His tour will center around the release of his new book One Africa! One Nation! which is now available at

    One Africa! One Nation! chronicles the process led by Ye$hitela to build the African Socialist International (ASI). Carrying on the legacy of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkumah and Patrice Lumumba, the aim of the ASI is to build one united and liberated Africa as the birthright of African people everywhere.

    In October of this year Ye$hitela headed up the sixth conference to build the African Socialist International in London. Delegates from Congo, Azania, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Guyana, the U.S., Britain, Cameroon and many other places voted to hold the founding congress of the ASI in Senegal in 2008.

    Ye$hitela is also currently heading up efforts to build the historic International Tribunal on Reparations for African people to be held in Berlin, Germany in June 2007.

    In the past year Ye$hitela has spoken at venues throughout Ghana, Namibia, Azania, Europe and on college campuses and at bookstores and community events throughout the U.S.

    Contact Burning Spear Uhuru Publications for information on speaker’s fees and other specifics about the Spring 2007 tour of Ye$hitela. :: [email protected] :: 727-894-6997