Black People : Oluwo Ogunbayo Aloyinlapa on Blogtalkradio

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    OMI O! internet radio show on Tuesdays @10pm for indigeneous people who want to experience the energy of our Ancient African Ancestral Traditions. OMI O! is on exciting opportunity to challenge who you are as an Afrikan in a safe and nurturing way. It is an invitation to increase your understanding of how you are creating your life. We will explore the Afrikan Life, rituals, life love and power. Do you have the courage to transform?

    We will be bring on Oluwo Ogunbayo Ayangbadun Aloyinlapa as our featured guest of the day. We are excited to have a powerful man speaking about IFA and the culture. Todays topic Afrikans in America what does it mean Apr 27 2010.