Black Poetry : olive oil


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Mar 19, 2001
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She asked the prophet
To help her in her
Blight for her husband
Now rests in eternity;
He looked within;

His instructions clear;
“go to your neighbors
and bring to me all the
containers you can find”
he pulled from within;

the room was filled with
empty pots, cups, and buckets
and bowls, all shapes and
sizes piled to the ceiling;
he searched from within;

he took a flask from the
shelf filled with virgin
olive oil and handed it to
her to pour into the jars;
he worked from within;

she poured from the small
flask into a large jar until
the jar was full and cried to
see the flask never empty;
she smiled from within;

she continued to pour from
the small flask until all the
jars in the room were full
not once spilling the source;
she praised from within;

she poured out her love, her
joy, her peace and her faith
into all the jars that surrounded
her never and yet running out;
she poured from within;

she poured into her family,
her children, and friends until
they could see what she enjoyed
and loved, never growing tired;
she was strengthened from within;

and when one asked her how she
could give so much and not grow
weary, she said, “as I continue to
pour into you, God pours into me;
her help came from within;

whom are you pouring into today?


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