Black Jokes Humor : Ole Dummy da Thriller presented by Guess

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    (behind the curtains as everybody wait propping his strings and polishing his wood after the rosewood stain dried tucked his tongue in his shiny boots with his "A" cap on backwards) they waiting on the show to open.

    Ninjaz: dang what is up today on the real? some dummy up on the stage with his owner. man another dummy??? we got enough of them already but we keep feeding them though. wow my nails are so polished up i can't wait to wrapped them around my man's--

    Guess: yo what is out without a doubt while my rose vine creeping on ah come up fore the home team out the rocking chair from the prophecy of my gospel???

    Ninjaz: (same ninja) yo i thought this was halftime so so so what is up with this??? you be stalling us every time asking questions that is senseless just let the man be dang sit yo self down!!! (everybody shouts) yeah sit yo self down and feel this what he talking about ninja!!!! is that what the que card said??? wait a minute we read the wrong the script eheheh guess!!!--

    Guess: Ole Dummy and i named him da Thriller cause he comes hard in the middle.

    Ninjaz: you got a dummy? really?? please fool. what?? a dummy??? i think the dummy might be interesting let me put my owl eyes on and peep game. oh yeah i'm in here fore show recording the extra exclusive ummmhumm i'mma get paid ninja.

    Guess: Yo let me put him down on the rocking chair. (he got the rocking chair with the limelight shining on the dummy the pile of wood with strings and no spine.) Okay let me go in the back to get a piece of equipment we kinda busy this morning.

    Ninjaz: ok!! wow he really got a dummy on stage. isn't that a ventriloquist doll? oh i heard them thangs gives you goosebumps once then twice. dang he looks so cute in his itty bitty shiny boots with his cap...awwwwe. yo that dummy looks live on the real. this is totally freakish cause i am an airhead but i am sooo fiiione and my styles pops thinking about that ninja when i get back it's on ummmhummm let me stop dang i gotta call him about the rubbers--

    Ole Dummy: (the lights went out then everybody got concern quickly) yo what's up don't be afraid. you know who i am??? wait a minute let me throw you a rhyme off my head.

    Ninjaz: everybody on pause like what the funk??????

    Ole Dummy: (lights came on) surprise ninjaz.

    Ninjaz: some laughing. some in shock. some just went ghost. some just stuck.

    Ole Dummy: (rocking chair rocking by itself) check me one two one two let me clear my throat...dayum i can't but still yo let me do my thang. (crowd bust out laughing)

    it's the dummy coming str8 to yo door,
    forget this behavior better gust to it,
    living walking stepping with this to the accepted,
    got more dots on squares rock and rolling fluent,
    my boots are shiny cause i just don't know why,
    my knowledge is old and i'm use to it,
    i can't move without my strings,
    but i stored scissors in my left pocket,
    the elementary blades with plastic,
    screwed in the middle tightly,
    we ready to chop and slice no doubt,
    upon skin gums enamel damaged lip bruised cut around mouth,
    so buck em all cause i'mma sage's riddle,
    i'm harder than any wood,
    back into yo crib creeping on a fern,
    my laugh is treacherous,
    it echoes from the depths of my lungs mo go,
    busting the truth until i'm back on the wall,
    hold up my hands and watch my arms reach the ceiling,
    i'mma ninja of the forest with more bark than bite,
    flipping more trip dip rip tip pip hip chip lip fight hype punching,
    say what you say say what in the cuts?
    i got screws plus strings,
    the definitions of a looney tune tales my hope,
    the musical cloak do knot feeble teaser geyser riser higher liar,
    as i clack across the stage,
    throwing up another thriller killer,
    mean mugging without a spirit,
    hitting you quicker,
    hurricane bang,
    rhyming with aim,
    come tame on these kola nuts,
    i row strokes in yo prophecy,
    smashed up slap up tight,
    i'm coming solo deeply tonight,
    two nights of fright,
    i'll stick your keys cinder,
    rigger your bigger,
    set you up fore the lame,
    i rhyme bad brain mirror,
    staring back is my face of the chase,
    i just can't wait until fear runs my life,
    behind me too hype,
    the climax i like,
    confusion of heights,
    the right to light,
    a plight of kites,
    sights on site,
    on the tips of your tongue,
    my balls full of cocaine,
    my hits sting switch sugar dealer float dynamite kid danger,
    upper right hook left hard with the swinging,
    block incoming punches mid section gust choking out breath,
    exerting pain venomously unable to hold up standing dropping,
    pain into your sickness let it rise with each bane,
    nourish soul feeling empty by the hours,
    brand new and polished without any balls,
    str8 mystery our diary read to me we are together into dis,
    but i'm cotton free cause the goat gave me wool,
    i ain't funny i'm just plain ole stupid,
    i'm out of control and about to fall down blamed,
    cause i'm stiffer thicker ordered filler seer,
    all i know is all i know and it's all i know,
    the lowest of intelligence,
    i brag about my confidence never after yours truly do you fool me,
    laugh at geniuses with a hell scare reflected be mad feel me accepted,
    until i'm back home entrapped,
    behind the doors you can hear beat down,
    look into my eyes and you can see my future,
    straight risen by another hand but tonight i got handles,
    i'm twisted....yeah that was tight you know what i'm saying. Give it uuuuuuup!!!!

    Ninjaz: (crickets sounding while jaws dropped, eyeballs popped out with faces still in shock.) imma be home in a minute...why? cause...just know...what??? why you gotta be acting like you don't want me??? you got somebody over ninja??? don't let me catch you slipping...oh you acting right and want sum now ok so tell me how beautiful i am and maybe maybe we can do it in the other room boomboomboom up against the wall okay? get the henny and tea.

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    continuing locked up....

    Guess:??????????? (in total shock after stepping from behind stage seeing da Thriller)

    Ole Dummy: yeah my shadow growing bigger check it out in the background.

    Ninjaz: (while the music still going bumping bass hitting snare high hats sleigh bells...they shrieking they fiending they turning they running they coming they nodding they what they who they flew??? danggumit they did.)

    Ole Dummy: one mo rhyme foe yo blind crash style!!!

    been in this game harder board guard up water folder down the street i see higher da Thriller every day night hype type of clue skip to my boots frights da lights move the flight hope attack dope a fact nuts on cuts clot more smut walking my ducks holding my jaguars ranging my odors flowing my cobras rovers my hovering gold my clovers sprinkle my lower senses my sodas baking my pies slapping my fives laughing my echoes reverb my mountains collapse my hills soaking my valleys holding my patties zoning my fatties pushing my caddies pulling my vanities busting my lips slipping my disc hibernating my risks parting ways with no strings attached off my neck out my sides concoct with steps stepping forward shaking bodies growing hottie mo width mo latitude mo longitude mo gratitude everything i heard i'm spitting back rehearsed Ole Dummy da Thriller with no new tricks freestyle of repetition never beat yo heart before taken missing GEAH!!! that was loose so please keep it tiiiiiiiiight!!!

    Ninjaz: (as he came down off the spotlight high nobody was left in the seats of the auditorium but feathers with yellow eyes)......

    Guess: ......

    Ole Dummy: Dayum!!!! EVERY time. Let me go back to my rocking chair....
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