Black Poetry : Older Still Waiting Younger

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    She was a best friend with special benefits privileged,
    always had that smile,
    working in the bank counting all cash,
    an accountant with class,
    she knew the white world's rules in order to outlast,
    we met at the farmer's market,
    where cobblestone still exist road throughout villages,
    she is so pretty probably still waiting with a sigh,
    i swear she was twenty five,
    eyes of a panther with a secret deeper than a lie,
    but i found truth exists in all forms twisted perceptively,
    originally from the islands black is she,
    about five foot eight inches a glow brighter shining me our mile,
    i introduced myself as an alias so the feeling is mutual,
    benefiting from our personal protection hugged up deeply for awhile,
    i already knew what time it was though i felt rapture,
    from dinners to phone texts to singing together sincere,
    we never went anywhere as jealousy kept her fear,
    while my curiosity kept me blind,
    two aged lovers from a race of the same,
    she tried to control me intelligently,
    but i caught on in time,
    around the same time she confessed,
    i could feel her heart was in so much stress,
    and so i told her my real name and occupation,
    though she felt my militant body to be true,
    while tugging my ears softly curling her toes upon my calves,
    i could feel she had something to say flipping inside her heart,
    heads of true happiness and tails of sudden loneliness,
    as she spoke around the bush tears from her eyes started to fall,
    she said hold me please and promise to not judge me,
    i kissed her swollen lips filled with her deep exhale,
    streams of her tears tasted bitter of years hoping to be sweeter,
    inside my mind i definitely knew she was a younger panther,
    unable to give me the perfect life i deserved she figured,
    then again i felt the same cause she never let me do us,
    doubled the age i was considering sacrificing part of my dream,
    just two be us soulfully loved,
    so before she could tale me her while under the crisp white sheets,
    i said i know your secret sow lets just reap us today and tonight,
    two souls absolutely complete,
    we departed and it hurt when she said those words,
    though i understood at an early age that life is indeed puzzling,
    around the world in every area older still waiting younger.

    "Diary of a Black Man"