Black Spirituality Religion : Old Testament vs. Afrikan Ourstory

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    Old Testament
    Let's find the oldest Hebrew Manuscript. What are they called and where I can see the artifacts for them.

    New Testament
    Let's find the oldest New Testament Manuscripts/scrolls. And when were they written?

    African Spirituality
    While most traditions were oral, quite a bit was written. We'll focus on the following sites.

    Pyramid Texts of Teti I and Unis - suggested dates approx 2500 BCE
    Text from Ipet Isut, Ipet Iset - suggested dates approx 1500-700 BCE
    Text from Edfu Temple - suggested 5th Dynastic Period, 4000 BCE and 240 BCE
    Text from Abtu - suggested 3150 BCE, 1350 BCE
    Autobiography of Ahmose and Writings of Hatshepsut - suggest 1500 BCE .

    Please post sources!