Black Poetry : Old School

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    Old School

    Remember the old boom box boogey down to the socks
    Reggie Jackson chewy bars & Tommy's pop rocks
    Parachutte pants with the hair high fade
    Wake up late in a purple haze saying it's going to be one of those days
    Back it up even further playing cowboys and indians in the sand box
    Waiting at the corner for the ice cream man to come with his stuff
    Boy, hero's fade from the scene such an evil scheme
    Wouldn't care in what I said or did throwing an M80 under a garbage lid
    Back when it was fashionable to be late for your date
    Baking grandmas cookies in the oven for sure
    Sipping on your favorite beverage while the pops watch Dinah Shore
    Those good old days that have gone before yet soon will discover
    The over weight lover from another mother type of brother
    Fast cars and the midnight scene with the freaks coming out
    Flip flops with your stretch blue jeans such a party scene
    In quaint encounters with the local police running in the street
    Falling mailboxes girls wearing their Sunday best putting their lovers in a test
    A time well spent in thought while going to the fair with music everywhere
    Back in school those days listening to teachers stopping later at the mall
    The movies back then made you feel ten feet tall with Stallone time to roam
    Party's at your neighbors having forts put up in the back
    Mommy & Daddy working to hard enough to give them a heart attack
    Learn to relax with my rubix cube later playing hacky sack
    A soft kiss from a lover under cover as she spins the bottle
    I will never forget those tender moments in the sun thank you I got to run