Black People : Ok yall know new years coming in, it is a time for new beginnings, a time for ultimate refinement

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    People like to see your negative qualities, they often ignore the wonderful things about you, folks will sit around and tell you what is impossible, and often don't have the knowledge or proof to speak with such certainty, dwelling on what is impossible makes it difficult for the wonders and miracles of the world to be manifested, every night I commit myself to what I call "the cultivation of heart and soul", doing this will place you ahead of the game, your heart and soul is cleansed of impurities, you can walk with an erect head, a god or goddess amidst the filth the world tries to dump on you, you are your own lord and master, so who the hell can refute this, you are a temple. a universe. It is a privilege for others to orbit your world, cultivate your heart and soul, refine the positive energy, and cast out the filth, you are such a mysterious wonderful creature, WHO THE HELL CAN SHOW PROOF TO THE CONTRARY