Haiti : OK so what is the wait, with the Red Cross donations for Haiti?

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    The charity agency posted on the Web site a statement of sorts called “American Red Cross Responds to Three Frequently Asked Questions”—the questions: “Why has the American Red Cross so far spent about a quarter of the money donated for Haiti? Will all the money donated to the American Red Cross for Haiti be spent on Haiti relief and recovery? Why do some news media and members of Congress who have been to Haiti say they don't see signs of the Red Cross on the ground there?”

    “All of this is B.S. and the fundamental question is still being ignored by the Red Cross, which is what is the Haitian plan for aid funds collected after the Jan. 12 earthquake–not what is the American Red Cross plan,” stated Omowale Clay of the Dec. 12th Movement-Friday Haiti Relief Coalition. The coalition held its second demonstration in front of the Red Cross headquarters in mid-town Manhattan.

    Mr. Clay explained to The Final Call, that the ARC said they had collected $396 million and spent $106.4 million for Haiti relief aid. “What are they waiting for, the rainy season and hurricane season are almost upon the people of Haiti; they need permanent housing,” states Mr. Clay.

    The Red Cross said they are waiting for available land to build permanent housing, Mr. Clay said. “But, where is the heavy equipment needed to clear away the debris. The UN Deputy Secretary-General Ashe-Rose Migiro told reporters during her press conference on April 15 that many buildings in and around the capital “had been flattened” and they “are still just laying there.” Ms. Migiro had just returned from a two-day visit to the Caribbean island...

    America Red Cross told: 'Spend the money in Hait!'